“You are a dump, dump fuck” says Scientologist defending John Mappin

The caring side of Scientology reveals itself with insults and threats

If you’re new to Scientology and want to know Why We Protest, then look no further than this comment received today:

“You are a dump,dump fuck, mister. most of your postings and website content are false. you slate people who achieve in life, john mappin, ted, irina (really foul comments about this entirely innocent person), david miscavige,duncan williams.how come they are driving smart cars, bentleys, porches, and you by your own admission you are ‘unhappy in your job’ and are simply taking it out on good people. shame on you,mister. you are playing a dangerous game.you really are,myfriend. and as wordpress blurts.we are collecting data.you will get yours, through the window, through the window,… as you tip toe through the tulips with me………………………………… 666…..

For fun, let’s do a quick Columbo-style analysis.

This writer of this comment:

  1. • Is a Pole
  2. • Has special feelings for Irina Mappin
  3. • Drives a cheap sportscar, envies wealthy people
  4. • Was Catholic before converting to Scientology
  5. • Is unstable and angry because his plans are being ruined

That pretty much adds up to one person, doesn’t it.

Just by chance, here’s a picture of you and Irina, together in that Porsche you love to drive.

You wanna know how I worked it out? Hmm? Hmm? Want me to tell ya? Hmm?

1) ‘Dump’ instead of ‘dumb’ – English as a foreign language. Polish because of the.lack of.spaces between full stops and words in your comment.

2) Makes a special effort to protest Irina’s innocence – revealing feelings of devotion and maybe a ‘special‘ relationship? 🙂

3) Equates success and happiness with Bentleys and Porsches. In awe of John Mappin and Duncan Williams because of their ‘success’ – symbolised by their cars.

4) His use of ‘666’ as a threat reflects the importance of 666 in his culture, not mine – in this case, probably Polish Roman Catholicism.

5) He threatened us on a site dedicated to ah, exposing the, ah, threatening and exploitative nature of Scientology.

So if you’re a member of the general public reading this, that’s Scientology.

6 Responses to ““You are a dump, dump fuck” says Scientologist defending John Mappin”
  1. Random guy says:

    Good Grief! With friends like that, do the Camelot Trio really need enemies?

  2. Jaxk says:

    But, but, but, Duncan Williams is a DECLARED SP! Doesn’t that make him a terrible person, in your view, Mr 666? Mr Williams’ declare was quite detailed regarding his anti-scientological perfidy.

    Also, when you cite David Miscavige as an admirable person . . . oh, never mind. Too much educating to do. Try researching Mr Miscavige if you like. Tell your friends.

  3. L Ron Gone says:


    I own two very nice cars, but I still think that Scientology is a dangerous cult, and that WISE businesses are never operated by wise people. Any organisation run on the same principles as the UFO cult of Scientology is doomed to fail in an implosion of broken promises and wrecked lives.

    Too bad that Marek can’t see that.

  4. markthehungarian says:

    Or, it’s just Mappin himself. Either way it’s just shit.

  5. Hmm, by publishing this retarded threat, it appears you have at least doubled the traffic your blog normally gets. It’s good to know that over two and a half years after the Tom Cruise video, Scientology still doesn’t understand the Streissand effect.

    I think they need to just forget about the on-line world entirely, and concentrate on their core ‘niche customer’: wealthy, gullible people who are interested in UFOs but don’t use the Web.

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