“Stourton Outsells Picasso” Mappin tells guests

Ted Stourton runaway success astounds hotel guests in latest TripAdvisor review

It’s been a full 5 days since we’ve seen a magical 5* review for Camelot Castle Hotel on TripAdvisor.

This could be simply because the authors are taking a well-earned rest after their frenzied but unproductive efforts over the last few weeks under the bright lights of internet scrutiny. Alternatively, it might be because TripAdvisor has blocked certain IP addresses? Who knows?

Meantime, here’s the latest less-than-complimentary review on TripAdvisor – kept, as always for safekeeping.

According to this reviewer, John Mappin took the time to tell them that Ted Stourton had just ‘outsold’ Picasso. Then again, so has the unnamed Chinese guy who paints all those ‘original oils’ of the Moulin Rouge on a rain-streaked autumn evening…

Look, even if you think you’re Monet (as Ted does) and your master thinks you’re better than Picasso, try to keep it to yourself. You’ll look a lot less foolish if you can.

One Response to ““Stourton Outsells Picasso” Mappin tells guests”
  1. Tommy Davis says:

    I think you misheard. The correct version of that sentence was that Ted Stourton is selling his paintings out of the back of a Citroen Picasso.

    Tintagel’s car boot scene is very popular. Sadly, Ted’s art isn’t.

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