Camelot Castle Hotel review: Tales of the unexpected

“My husband said he would recommend it…because he was scared and just wanted to escape”

That just about sums up every ‘testimonial’ I’ve ever read or watched on video from this shocking hotel.

We proudly present you yet another disastrous review of Camelot Castle Hotel which appeared today in TripAdvisor.

It’s quite an achievement to leave your guests feeling so bad that they doubt their own sanity. This poor guest had to go back and check all the other reviews to confirm that it really WAS as bad as they thought at the time. But Mr. Mappin and Ted don’t seem to care.

The pressure that Mappin and Stourton seem to put people under to say good things about their decrepit cult recruitment is nothing short of manipulative – and it shows.

If you’ve watched any of their creepy ‘Light Box’ videos, you’ll see highly uncomfortable looking people with their coats on being collared and co-erced into saying something nice to camera while ‘mein Host’ stands there eyeballing them.

Mappin knows full well that no-one’s going to say “Well, actually, it was the most horrendous experience I’ve ever had in all my years travelling, you Scientology freak”.

This review gives us another glimpse of that same manipulation.

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