Ted Stourton’s Art: see for yourself why he outsells Picasso

Stung by our cruel jibe over feeble prices, Mr. Mappin and Ted have responded by going LARGE!

Come with us on a tour of the Camelot Castle Gallery! And see for yourself why, according to John Mappin, Ted Stourton now ‘outsells Picasso’.

As you know, we were awfully cruel a while back about the low retail prices (and even lower resale prices) for Ted’s paintings. But we were only telling the truth. They were in the shop window at £40 the pair, guvnor – the pictures

Click to enlarge

don’t lie, do they?

So good to see some big art being shipped into the Camelot Castle gallery in Tintagel to prove us wrong – that Ted’s art IS good, it IS big and it IS worth a lot. It must be, after all Ted doesn’t just think he’s as good as Monet, he says he literally was Monet in a previous life.  And since he outsells Picasso… you really must go there.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry – we had our photographer on hand to snap a few interiors for you ‘Hello’ style. It’s all very Ted. And the framed TripAdvisor review on the wall was the piece de resistance.

2 Responses to “Ted Stourton’s Art: see for yourself why he outsells Picasso”
  1. Biggles says:

    Just the other day, the cultists up at the castle were sending us letters saying that Scientology was compatible with Christianity and several other (proper) religions.

    So, duuuh… how does that fit with the bald freak in the white suit saying he’s Monet reincarnated? Last time I checked, Christians believed in the Resurrection, not reincarnation.

    Seems to me, this cult will tell any lie that suits them for a moment. They must think we’re really stupid, if they don’t think we can see through their bullsh1t.

  2. Wild Cornish says:

    Anyone fancy donating an original Ted to the http://www.museumofbadart.org/about/donate.php ??

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