Mappin and Stourton update company records…

..exactly one day after WhyWeProtest exposes inconsistencies in their details

“Just got back from the smoke and guess what, ALL the Mappin/Stourton company (tiny) groups happened to file new information at Companies House exactly one day after your website published their deficiency” – bayir11 comment Camelot Castle Hotel thread on WWP forum.

Coincidence? Or the power of the internet? We’re glad to see that John Mappin and Ted Stourton are taking care of their business details. After all, it’s the right thing to do – even without a posse of bloodthirsty Anons breathing down your neck.

Hell – we recognise that this pressure must feel relentless and more than a bit scary – especially if you’ve convinced yourself that you’re a soft, lovely, arty philanthropist out to save the world from bad news. We hear that John looks like a haunted man and that Irina’s body language appears all closed-up and defensive these days.

I’d hate to be under such pressure – but then, I didn’t spend the last 10 years bragging about my grandiose dreams, failing to achieve any of them or trying to recruit people to my cult.

One Response to “Mappin and Stourton update company records…”
  1. mrs danvers says:

    Where is the money? ….

    No taxes filed for Camelot Hotel Hotel Ltd ever.

    And the only funds visible to the taxman are being pumped through Independent news Ltd , which never ever publishes any newspapers at all?

    The mystery deepens? ….

    Where is the Mappin stash?

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