Old friend of Ted’s contacts us while looking for him..

…only to discover he’s sold his soul to a cult since they last met.

Yes, we had to tell them. After all, he clearly hadn’t.

We won’t give away exactly who it was but they gave us a piece of information about Ted we didn’t have: that he ALSO worked at LHW Futures along with John Mappin – of whom another mutual LHW ‘friend’ had this to say:

“I remember John Mappin when he used to work for us at LHW Futures. He was always good at making money (although not for his clients)”

Evidently they both failed at being stock brokers, so naturally, they took those self-serving skills elsewhere – and opened a hotel (delivered in caustic Sybil Fawlty tones).

Suffice to say that the person we emailed today seemed genuinely concerned for Ted, when we explained what was currently going on at Camelot Castle Hotel.

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