“There is a missing link. Once we find it…”

“…the whole house of cards may come tumbling down.”

These are the chilling words of ‘Mrs. Basil’, a new addition to the Anonymous ranks at WhyWeProtest. She appears to be a specialist in tax and accounting. She’s sniffed out an anomaly and she’s starting to dig. With her on the case, I almost feel sorry for John, Ted and Irina.

Mrs. Basil seems to know what she’s looking for. She’s on the scent and I wouldn’t want to be up there in CCH for all the Ted Stourtons in Kazakhstan.

5 Responses to ““There is a missing link. Once we find it…””
  1. Don Purcell says:

    The last time there were any “missing link” themed LOLs coming out of Scientology was when L Ron Hubbard wrote all about the ‘Piltdown Man’ in ‘Scientology: A History of Man’, published in 1952. Apparently, Piltdown man was always doing wacky things like suddenly eating his wife.

    Let’s hope John’s had that particular engram run out of his system, eh Irina? I’d watch out for Marek, though. That boy looks to have sharp teeth!

  2. mrs danvers says:

    Things are really hotting up.Maybe a little Dianetics book burning is the order of the night down Tintagel way?

    911 was the night John and his mail-order bride tied the knot.

    But what ever become of the first Mrs Mappin?…

    Oh,yes,my lovers,there was a wife of John’s before the ‘delightful’ Irina came onto the scene.

    The first mrs Mappin, the rightful heiress to Camelot Towers perhaps….?

  3. A DEMON

    A demon
    Caught me
    In my room
    With a haunting
    And a cry
    Of doom

    He leaped
    And beat me
    With a terror

    The threats
    Of misery
    And grave
    The banishment of
    To slave
    The shriek
    Of awfulness
    And sin

    The howling ghastly fantasy
    The awesome yowling
    The horrid filthy travesty
    Of gloom

    I quailed
    And whined
    For mercy I
    Who had in heyday
    Eight times slain the
    Of dragons

    I whined and pled
    And crawled abed
    And begged
    Yea begged for surcease

    A demon
    Caught me in
    My room
    And I
    Poor fool
    Had fear enough
    To weep.

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