Duncan Williams: ‘has never been a Scientologist’ says friend

SP Declare 2005

However, the evidence seems to say otherwise.

Duncan Williams came to our attention recently when he issued a press release in support of John Mappin in which he complained about the unfair negative press directed at the ‘good work’ of John and Irina Mappin at Camelot Castle Hotel.

We blogged about it, after which a friend of Duncan’s commented here, emphatically denying Duncan was ever a Scientologist.

If that’s so, then please explain:

• The picture of Duncan’s ‘SP Declare’ (Scientology’s ‘ex-communication’ order on people it kicks out of the cult) – 2005. (See below for transcription)

• The pictures of Duncan holding his Scientology course completion certificate

• Pictures of Duncan holding ‘The Way To Happiness’ – Scientology book and photographs of TWTH flyers with Duncan’s contact details on them

• Duncan publishing editorial ‘features’ for Scientology front group Narconon

• Duncan accepting and publishing Dianetics (Scientology) ads

Dianetics Ad March 2010

Dianetics completion certificate

• Duncan issuing press releases defending Scientologist John Mappin’s ‘good work’ at Camelot Castle Hotel  (see below for text)

If you’re a member of Duncan’s new (Catholic) church or one of the Christian groups he now works with, here are some questions for you:

• Do you know about Duncan’s Scientology background?

• Do you know about Scientology’s history and track record?

• Why does Duncan still appear to be supporting Scientology?


“The names John Mappin and Duncan Williams are synonymous with local media.

Both men have strong links to Cornwall, and both have been pioneers of positive news reporting; pledging to use media as a tool to improve understanding, communication and peace.

Lately, John Mappin is just as well known for his remarkable restoration of Tintagel’s Camelot Castle Hotel; now an international focal point for members of the celebrity and media worlds. In fact, Camelot has once again become a global round table where decisions are made.

Nicolas Cage, Kate Winslet, Buzz Aldrin, Donald Pleasence, the Emir of Quatar, key business leaders, politicians and even a Russian Oil Oligarch, have all enjoyed visits and talked into the small hours at Camelot Castle.

Williams himself recalls his first memorable visit to the hotel, some years ago, when it was being used as a movie set for a big budget adaptation of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’.

“Some while later John Mappin and I were working together on a small newspaper,” says Duncan. “Which, at the time, was one of the very few in this country to make a brave stand against the pressured political cries for an invasion of Afghanistan.”

Under Tony Blair, most major newspapers and indeed old school ‘press barons’ toed the line and printed the lie. Now look at what has resulted!

Duncan Williams went on to form his own ethical publishing company, printing 1000s of copies of a successful self help book, then created a series of regional newspaper and magazine titles.

Mappin and Williams hold the view that society and survival are in grave danger when false reporting or incorrect data are used to justify an unsound government agenda.

Media then has a duty to report the truth. Positive reporting is ethical reporting. Transmitting a fact without recourse to negative spin.

“It is sad to read so much negativity about the work that goes on at Camelot Castle,” says Duncan. “John Mappin, his wife Irina and resident artist Ted Stourton all contribute a huge amount to Cornwall. They offer their home as a base for debate about issues concerning local and national media.”

And these are issues that still concern us all …

SP DECLARE TEXT – Unclear words are in square brackets [ ]

“Suppressive Person Declare

Duncan Williams

Duncan Williams from London England is hereby declared a Suppressive Person

Duncan first came [on] to London church [lines] after having served a jail sentence for arson and criminal damage.

Duncan has a published history of befriending and gaining the confidence of prominent people and then publishing stories in the media.

In July 2003 Duncan requested and received a refund for an Extension Course he had done at the London Church. He also threatened to go to the media at this time.

In May 2004 he was attempting to sell a domain name containing a registered trademark of the Church on eBay and subsequently published the contents of communication to him from the Church’s solicitor on the internet.

Duncan has also sent highly [derogatory] communications to others about Scientologists.

Following this, in July 2004, a Status Clarification was issued on Duncan Williams because he had received a refund and was causing trouble. Since this time Duncan has continued to enturbulate Scientolgists with unwanted emails.

Duncan Williams has committed the following suppressive acts:




Any and all training and processing certificates and awards issued to Duncan Williams are hereby cancelled. All licenses for Dianetics and Scientology marks he may have signed are hereby cancelled. Any membership agreement that Duncan Williams may have signed with any Church of Scientology or any other Scientology organisation are likewise cancelled.

He may not be trained or processed. His only terminal is the International Justice Chief via the Continental Justice Chief. It is hoped that Duncan Williams comes to his sense and [recants] If he does, he is to follow steps A to E as covered in HCO PL 7 March 1965 RD, SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS.


Authorised by





Approved by


4 Responses to “Duncan Williams: ‘has never been a Scientologist’ says friend”
  1. Susan Chalmers says:


    FRAGILE pop beauty Geri Halliwell is regularly pouring out her intimate secrets to a possibly ‘violent criminal’ and active member of the controversial Church of Scientology.

    Geri, the TV judge who helped choose members of No1 band Girls Aloud, has become mesmerised by Duncan Williams after he sidled up to her at a church meeting.

    She had little idea of his past-but we can reveal that he was jailed on remand after breaking into a house and torching the place.

    A former friend of Williams said last night: “He actually boasts that the prison doctor at Wandsworth nick thought he was the most dangerous inmate he’d ever seen.”

    And in a betrayal that will devastate Geri, Williams callously e-mails his Scientology pals with searingly personal secrets he gleans when they lunch together. The pair were recently spotted in deep conversation at the Coffee Republic cafe on London’s trendy Fulham Road.

    Williams’s pal added: “Geri has become exceptionally relaxed in Duncan’s presence. They discuss most things going on in their lives with each other. But he’s constantly sending messages about what he’s found out about her.”

    “Duncan likes to brag,” said his pal. “What he actually does is quite another matter. Still, this is definitely not a case of Williams just acting as a shoulder for Geri to lean on any more. They’ve become very close. Williams seems to have cast a spell over her.”

    Friends fear that Geri, formally Ginger Spice, is being seduced into the Scientology ‘religion’.

    To save Geri from deep embarrassment, we will not disclose many of the details Williams delighted in revealing. However, Geri has been pictured recently carrying a copy of the Scientology Handbook close to her heart. This is fuelling speculation that she is at risk of being brainwashed.

    Williams appears to be have a most unhealthy influence on her. He has long associations with the media and propaganda arm of the Church of Scientology, working closely with their information gathering teams and newspaper groups.

    After a wild night of excess, Williams was arrested by the Metropolitan Police after breaking into a posh property in Redcliffe Square, Chelsea, yards from Liz Hurley’s house.

    In a drunken rage Williams set fire to the house. He was charged and sent to Wandsworth Prison on remand. The charges were eventually dropped following an appeal and an agreed term of rehabilitation treatment.

    Williams’s pal added: “Geri only thinks she knows what kind of man she’s talking to.We are really concerned for her welfare. Duncan and his links to the Church of Scientology could be really dangerous for her.”

    (From MyChelsea.net (c) 2002.)

  2. Paxman says:

    Bit concerned as to trusting the validity of ‘miss Chalmer’s’ article source. Even if it is the News of the World or MyChelsea.net , this all seems murkier by the minute, doesn’t it?

    However, it does makes your blog an cracking good read! The Geri Halliwell stuffs tallys as there are reports during the same time period (2000-2005) of her publically expressing interest in Scientology.

    It’s interesting that the MyChelsea piece mentions Williams recruiting via a Scientology ‘church’ gathering, whereas the NotW falls shy of overtly stating this prompting to use the AA group reference instead.

    Do you think fear of legal action made them publish AA??? (Anonymous and therefore unable to be traced, sourced or located – like our good selves, in fact!! ;-P !!!…) and is this the reason why the hacks at the Sunday tabloid bottled out in mentioning NarCONon? We already know Williams is an acknowledged supporter of this clam front drug rehab group. Could this be where Halliwell first encountered John Mappin’s future Dr Joseph Goebbels and ‘independant’ blogmeister?

    Another thought crosses my mind, and that is that the Williams is appearing to op up just a bit too much lately. Perhaps he is an innocent? Maybe the clams are trying to smokescreen focus upon John, Ted, Irina and Marek. If Dr Dunkstein is regarded as a Suppressive Person by the Sci’s he is fair game in their books, bait to be fed to Anonymous like rubby dubby to ravenous sharks…….! Let’s make certain we are not being mugged off here,eh guys?

    Anyway, be that as it may, I have found a Guardian report from the same period which is probably more sound as a source of fact. Could this be the same Duncan Williams? Common name but this ties in with our other material makes me suspect that it is….. Take a read for yourselves:-

    “…My time 2

    Special report: Prisons
    Interview by Merope Mills
    The Guardian, Tuesday 30 January 2001
    Article history
    Duncan Williams, 36
    Time served: six months on remand Crime: arson and criminal damage (acquitted)
    On arriving at HMP Wandsworth the first thing that strikes you is the dark and doom- ridden architecture. Then comes the oversized, tattered clothing. That gives the prison officers in the “reception area” a reason to yell at you to: “Tuck your fucking shirt in, fella, you look like a sack of fucking horse shit!”
    The constant bullying from officers creates contempt, defiance and hatred. It is wrong to suggest that every prison officer is an uncaring, unintelligent sadist; there are many men and women working hard to do a difficult job as best they can. But thanks to underfunding, overcrowding, understaffing, poor training and old-school attitudes, there are far too few of them. By the time the majority of men are ready for release from Wandsworth they are – if they weren’t before – bitter, hate-ridden individuals with little in the way of a future. Many are back within months of release.
    While I was there, most of us were not engaged in any constructive activity during the day. We spent 23 hours out of 24 hours locked in a tiny 8x12ft cell, two sharing. It was mind-numbing.
    I made at least three applications for educational courses within the first few days of arriving and never heard a reply. The nearest I came to education was when a group of 20 or more inmates were herded into a small holding room and issued with scraps of paper that we were told were an “educational standard” test. The pages had been photocopied so many times that the typeface was barely readable. Most people didn’t care. They were grateful to get out of the cell for a few minutes.
    I used to read letters out to one man who was illiterate. He never got any assistance to learn to read and write throughout his stay. He was only in for three months for some drunken crime, but surely some better use could have been made of his time there?
    Drugs and addiction are the evil behind most crimes and the abuse does not stop inside. Heroin has replaced cannabis as the drug of choice because it stays in the system for less time, so it’s harder to trace. Despite claims to the contrary, Wandsworth is awash with drugs. I remember sitting in a cell with one poor soul who had attempted to smuggle a large quantity of narcotics into the prison by secreting a stash up his backside; unfortunately, the condom he had packed the stash into burst. He fell into a deep coma and had to be rushed to hospital.
    Suicide is also rife in prison. Six men were found dead in Wandsworth by midsummer of 2000. In July, I was moved into a cell where a Spanish inmate had attempted suicide the night before. The cellmate told me the man had been beaten by someone and was in a state of total fear. He woke to find the man choking on a noose tied to a metal hinge. He pulled the man down in the nick of time and he was rushed to hospital. In this instance the police were called, but no charges were brought and no statements made.
    I left Wandsworth in December with nothing but a plastic sack, uncomfortable memories and the clothes on my back. I’d lost my flat, my job and my self-respect.”

    • Thanks as ever Paxman. I think it’s clear that all these references are to the one, the only, his excellency the current Propaganda Minister, Dr. Williams.

      The only way that DW is not involved in this whole Scientology / celeb dirt / Mappin good news thing would be if the entire DW online persona / presence was a single, persistent piece of black PR set up over many many years by his enemies. But in that case, you’d hear from the ‘real’ DW somewhere along the way crying foul. And there’s nothing.

      What’s true is that some newspapers have reported on a Duncan Williams’ prison sentence for arson and his alleged exploitation of people like Geri Halliwell. What’s also true is that self-confessed ‘former bad-boy’ Duncan Williams was / is involved (somehow) in Scientology, was a ‘media sleaze peddler’, is connected with John Mappin through various press releases and ‘good news’ publications. True too is that we have pictures of Duncan holding Scientology certifications in his name, along with his Sci SP Declare (whether real or faked, he’s still involved). What’s also true is that the same Duncan Williams currently runs various ‘local news’ sites / blogs / publications and is currently in the business of trying to sell franchises to people. True also that he has promoted Narconon, Dianetics and ‘The Way To Happiness’ to name but a few L.Ron things in those same publications – whether for money or not is irrelevant. And this is the same Duncan who appears to be currently active in Christian circles, presenting himself as a recent Catholic convert.

      Have we got it wrong with Duncan? You tell me. Better yet would be if Duncan could explain how it is that he’s ended up looking more and more like a key player in UK Scientology than the sweet bad-boy-made-good that he appears to want people to think he is.

      The resounding silence from DW himself is probably the biggest clue.

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