Camelot Castle Hotel reviews – the horror continues…

No amount of 5* reviews can swamp the Camelot Castle Hotel Horror

It’s pleasing to see that the much-acclaimed ‘wisdom of the crowd’ that permeates the internet is working to balance the flurry of fake-looking 5* reviews on Tripadvisor for Camelot Castle Hotel.

“When I saw the room, I regret I didn’t order a strong shot of vodka before” says this poor horrified guest in her 1* review.

That’s ONE hell of an accolade for Camelot Castle Hotel…. NOT!

2 Responses to “Camelot Castle Hotel reviews – the horror continues…”
  1. ANONYMOUS_SW says:

    i see we have brought to a down due to overwhelming interest from us!good work.

    williams is spouting again though;- (and do i feel ashamed?fuck no!no way,man!)

    can’t figure him yet.anyone else managed to speak to anyone who actually works/ed with him?suggestion is that he genuinely is nothing to do with the cult and was working as a news of the world hack who was uncovering stuff on the sci fags for articles that were printed by said paper or other tabloids.the sp declares and other materials are all scilion tricks to discredit.wouldnt be the first time theyve tried that old dark op,eh?or maybe stem from notw expose of same period.were checking on it.

    >>>best follow this off messageboard.<<< fact is though,williams,did and does have a mappin link.can't find any record though of his investment in scamalot towers whys he so fucking bitched up about protecting the maps?

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