Camelot Castle Hotel and Headland Hotel Newquay

The Headland Hotel Newquay shows the Camelot Castle Hotel what genuine TA feedback looks like.

The Headland Hotel Newquay and The Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel where both designed by Cornish architect Silvanus Trevail. Both hotels where completed within a year of each other, The Headland in 1900 and the then called King Arthurs Castle Hotel in 1899.

If you look at the contributions and the distribution of the 1 – 5 star reviews it looks very different to that found at the Camelot Castle Hotel reviews.

Also note how many contributions the reviewers have made! In some cases hundreds!

We did some maths on the Camelot Castle Hotel Figures and found that of all the 5* reviews 88% came from Trip Advisor Contributers who had only made that one contribution.!

And to be fair we checked the 1* reviews and found that only 49% of them came for people making only one contribution.

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