Camelot Castle Hotel Bar arrives at Trip Advisor

Camelot Castle Bar gets it’s first Fake Review.

Having seemingly giving up on faking hotel reviews the Clams at the Camelot Castle Hotel have added the Camelot Castle Hotel Bar under the Bars/Clubs category on Trip Advisor.

The first review continues with the usual hallmarks we would expect from work straight out of the fake review desk at Camelot Castle hotel, mentions of John and Irina Mappin and how wonderfull they all are.

Guys come on did you really think we wouldn’t notice?

4 Responses to “Camelot Castle Hotel Bar arrives at Trip Advisor”
  1. Xenu says:

    I would ask if there was any end to their shamelessness. But they’re Scientologists, so I already know there’s not.

  2. LOL at “accomplished artist.” Corblimey Stourton is anything but.

  3. Berwin says:

    Make sure everybody in Tintagel sees the BBC Panorama programme on Tuesday night! It’s a one-hour special all about the crimes and lies of Scientology.

    Link to a flier we have prepared, if you can distribute a few…

  4. imominous says:

    Panorama and John Sweeney did a fabulous job! I especially loved the previously unreleased footage of Scientology stars screeching and puffing up indignantly.

    John Sweeney should take a weekend and visit the golden beaches of Camelot Castle Hotel.

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