Panorama BBC1 Tuesday 28th 9pm

Expect Camelot Castle Hotel propaganda machine to hit overdrive.

It is important to understand what having people actively recruiting for Scientology in Tintagel means, this new Panorama investigation from the BBC should be a must see for any Tintagel resident.

“Reporter John Sweeney’s last investigation into the Church of Scientology resulted in an explosive confrontation with church officials. This time, in a Panorama Special, one of those officials has turned whistleblower to help him reveal the dark secrets of the church, which boasts Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its devotees.”

9 Responses to “Panorama BBC1 Tuesday 28th 9pm”
  1. Very impressed John Sweeney, returning for another investigation after the Scientologists stalked him and generally acted like complete creeps back in 2007. I’ll be watching… and learning more about this corrupt, sinister and dangerous UFO cult.

  2. TiredExec says:

    I can’t wait to see what Sweeney does for his revenge on Tommy Davis!

  3. Majikthise says:

    There’s a new promo out for the BBC Panorama : Secrets of Scientology documentary on the BBCpanorma Youtube channel:
    (Mirror for the country-restricted: )
    Take look at previously unseen close-up footage of an animated and totally wasted Mike Rinder back in 2007 when they were filming the original Scientology & Me documentary. He looked like a skeleton. Isn’t scientology just so “magical”. Yikes! 😮

  4. so what was the interest level in Tintagel like for the Panorama made of awsome?

    • I’ve tried to translate that David, but Google’s having nothing of it. I think what you were asking was “So what was the interest level in Tintagel like for the Panorama programme?” 🙂 I hear the locals lapped it up and are currently sharpening their pitchforks and building a large, wicker man in a velvet jacket on the cliff tops..

      • imominous says:

        Surely you don’t mean the villagers of Tintagel are about to go old school on the Scientology Squires on the hill? That is a very ungrateful response to two superior beings who only want to change the world to suit themselves. Can you not hear the 10 million Scientologists chanting,

        If this makes no sense to you, google “Scientology pick up the cans” and all shall be made clear!

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