Camelot Castle Hotel serial 5* reviewer tries again

Since Tripadvisor deleted his previous fake 5* review, it’s time for Glastonboy to try again

**UPDATE** Fake review pulled already, looks like Trip Advisor are wise to their games!

Finally, after 10 days without a 5* review, Glastoboy comes to Camelot Castle Hotel’s rescue – again – with this review.

The first impression I got was of someone deliberately avoiding the words ‘magical’ or ‘experience’ in an attempt to get a 5* review past Tripadvisor’s mods.

Despite being careful about the language, this review still  has to mention Irina and Ted by name and lies blatantly. ‘Solid and reassuring’??? ‘Local staff’?? You couldn’t get more reactive to recent criticism if you tried.

What’s more, I also recognised the name of the writer. Glastonboy. This ‘ID’ has reviewed Camelot Castle Hotel before, I thought to myself. But his contributions read ‘1’. Curious.

A quick Google search solves the mystery. Glastonboy HAS posted a glowing 5* review of CCH before. It was back in July 2010 when the shit first started to hit the fan for Camelot Castle Hotel – see pic above. The fact that that review was deleted from Tripadvisor – presumably for misuse of the ‘magical’ keywords – and the fact that the first line of both reviews is practically the same points to deliberate re-writing to try to avoid Tripadvisor’s moderators.

We will, of course, take great pleasure in pointing this out to Tripadvisor, John and Ted.

2 Responses to “Camelot Castle Hotel serial 5* reviewer tries again”
  1. L Ron Gone says:

    Just thnk how much cleaning you could get done in the time it takes to write all these fake reviews and bogus newsletters.

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