John Mappin – titanic film talent

Despite magical good looks…

John’s film career sank beneath the waves on it’s maiden voyage.

This is a still from ‘Dark Secrets’, a soft porn film released in 1997 in which Mappin had a small, ah, part. No, he didn’t take his clothes off. Thankfully.

Time (or more accurately Scientology) seems to have been hard on the former pretty boy since 1997.

Even though it’s only 13 years ago since the film was released, he’s looking old, worn out and worried according to Tintagel locals.

Then again, it’s hardly surprising. He’s now the hapless captain of the ‘SS Camelot Castle’ an ugly, rusty old tub that’s holed below the waterline and going down by the head.

Being a Scientologist, poor old John thinks that his hotel-cum-Scientology-recruitment-center is unsinkable. Reality begs to differ. So will he go down with his ship? We hope not.  There’s still time to make it to the lifeboats, John, if you hurry.

One Response to “John Mappin – titanic film talent”
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