Camelot Castle Hotel suspected of faking 5* reviews on Tripadvisor since 2008

Outraged guests have suspected Camelot Castle Hotel of faking positive reviews for over 2 years

As this review from 2008 points out:

“Yes the bad reviews here are all absolutely true!

Lousy food, strange owners with appalling art over the walls painted by one of the owners Ted Stourton, a very odd bloke who took me to see his Light Box (they try and flog you rubbish art when illuminated in the dark, all a con like the hotel so be warned!).

I’m very suspicious of good reviews for this hotel.. Lots of words like “magical” and “wonderful” keep appearing, is that just cynical me or anyone seeing a scam ?”

Many angry Tripadvisor reviewers report having booked after reading positive reviews of Camelot Castle Hotel or the hotel’s own website, proving that faking positive reviews and mis-representing their hotel through their website turns into direct financial gain for the owners of this hotel.

“We booked Camelot Castle on the back of the incredibly positive Trip Advisor reviews as part of our honeymoon… and came away very sorely disappointed”


“My partner booked this hotel because it looked fantastic on the website. She was very excited by the prospect of staying in the castle.”


“I looked forward to it for months but it is nothing that it claims to be – not special, not magical, and remarkable only for the bare faced lies the owners dish out in their marketing and on their website. “


“It sounded brilliant on the internet and I thought for £45 each per night it would be glamourous and memorable….it was memorable for the wrong reasons however.”


“From their website you get the impression that it’s the most beautiful place in the world, perfect for a relaxing holiday. All so wrong.”

It’s galling to see how long and how systematically these Scientologists have been exploiting the travelling public. Thankfully, it appears that Tripadvisor has finally capped the ‘5 star well’ that’s been gushing uncontrollably for the last two years.

Now, I wonder if Trading Standards can do the same for their website…?

3 Responses to “Camelot Castle Hotel suspected of faking 5* reviews on Tripadvisor since 2008”
  1. fra says:

    why don’t you contact tripadvisor about this? they are surely able to check properly whether the positive reviews are likely to come from the same source (ie, checking the ip address, common patterns in users’ details, etc).

    if they can prove some reviews are fake, they will take them down and ban fake users.

    • We’ve been on to Tripadvisor but they’re not very good at replying directly back. It’s clear that they’re monitoring and deleting some reviews – including one we pointed out the other day was a re-post of an already deleted one from earlier this year…

      The problem is that Tripadvisor can’t really prove much about anything. Everything on its site is anonymous and there are plenty of ways around the IP issue if you’re bothered to find them. TA works on the basis that most people, most of the time don’t a) abuse the sytem or b) complain. However, now we know that CCH has been doing a) and the impending class action against Tripadvisor by up to 700 hotels and guest houses proves that people are now ready to do b) so it’s all change 🙂

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