Camelot Castle Hotel, a sinking ship?

The last 5 reviews on Trip advisor = 4 x 1 star and 1 x 2 stars.

Another blinding verdict from a genuine guest of standards at the Camelot Castle Hotel!

Do not stay in this hotel!!
We stayed at the Camelot Hotel for two nights.
The staff informed us that a “world famous artist” was in residence and we could view his wonderfull”light box”. His painting which mainly consisted of stuck on glitter anf butterflies were all over the hotel. The ones in my room were painted on MDF board and were ubnframed.
The downstairs areas were well decorated but our room was terrible.
It had no information about the hotel or Tintagel.
The furniture was unmatched and shabby.
There was no telephone.
Two of the windows didnt open.
The en-suite was a tiny plastic “pod” where the shower drain didnt drain properly-flooding the floor.
THe bedding consisted of a tatty bedspread and a thin blanket.
Room service dids not replenish the milk I used or replace the toilet roll. At 7 am I went to reception to request a toilet roll and there was nobody around.
THe location of the hotel is lovely and it has great potential but I feel at present it definitely represnts very bad value for money.
One Response to “Camelot Castle Hotel, a sinking ship?”
  1. Xenu says:

    I wouldn’t be so hard on Ted. I think he puts those “paintings” up everywhere to cover holes in the walls.

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