Camelot Castle Hotel real reviews: “We spoke to many locals…and they all had negative opinions on the Hotel”

Camelot Castle Hotel – not well-loved by the locals “Strange A friend and i booked 2 single rooms recently at Camelot castle. I can honestly say that it was a strange experience and unlike no other hotel i have stayed in before. On arrival we were given our keys and then had a brief tour … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel real reviews: “blankets that looked like they used to belong to the NHS”

A real Camelot Castle Hotel review on HolidayWatchdog “Gutted For our 10 year wedding anniversary i decided to book a night at Camelot Castle, we had visited Tintagel before and had seen how impressive it looked from the outside. When we arrived we were shown around the downstairs by the receptionist who was forgeign and … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel Tripadvisor reviews: Congratulations, its twins!

Those people at Camelot Castle Hotel can’t quite get the fake reviews thing right But at least they’re trying. And why should they worry so long as Tripadvisor lets them get away with it and they keep their little yellow review stars? These last two bonny reviews caught my eye. Born just a day apart, … Continue reading

Wedding Anniversaries at camelot Castle Hotel.

There has been an outbreak of Anniversaries at Camelot. The last three fantastic 5 star trip advisor reviews all come from people celebrating wedding anniversaries, Wow we wonder what the odds are on that happening. Or could it be, as we suspect they are using guests details and writing their own reviews for Trip Advisor? … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! Millions of drugged children in [insert your town name here]

Irina Mappin dreams of one day having children… yours if you let her recruit them “PERSONAL LETTER FROM IRINA MAPPIN – CAMELOT CASTLE – A NEW FILM. YOU CAN SEE THE FILM HERE: [link mercifully removed] Dear Neighbors and Friends of Camelot, Firstly, I wanted to warmly thank you for your appreciation and support of … Continue reading

Fake Tripadvisor reviews. Yes – look here are two

Side by side for comparison so Tripadvisor staff can get the idea When you’ve looked at as many Tripadvisor reviews for a single property as we have (lol) you are able to do something that the average punter (or Tripadvisor staffer) can’t do: spot the fakes. That’s because we can spot the patterns in the … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel review Bingo™

Great Tripadvisor fun for those dark winter nights Instructions: Go to the Camelot Castle Hotel reviews on Tripadvisor. Select to view 5* reviews only. Use one Camelot Castle Hotel review Bingo™ sheet per review. Prize for a full-house is 3 nights at the hotel for the price of 1 midweek. Quote Ref: GOOGLEMAPPIN when booking.

Latest fake 5* Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes…

…demonstrating Tripadvisor’s unwillingness to stop Scientologists Mappin and Stourton abusing the system For veteran Camelot Castle Hotel watchers, this latest 5 star Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes needed to qualify as a bona-fide fake (or paid-for) review. The fake / paid-for Tripadvisor review will contain most (if not all) of the following components in … Continue reading

Camelot House Hotel? WTF? Is this shit catching?

What is it with the name ‘Camelot’? Is it some kind of disease? I stumbled across this hotel on Tripadvisor while keeping an eye on the infamous ‘Camelot Castle Hotel’ in Tintagel. You can imagine my amusement when I noticed that Camelot House Hotel in London gets almost as bad reviews as Mappin’s old shed … Continue reading

Deborah Zachary: did you really give Camelot Castle Hotel 5 stars?

Did Deborah Zachary even write a 5 star review for Camelot Castle Hotel? Who knows? Logically, there are three possible scenarios: 1) That Ms Zachary wrote the review because she enjoyed her stay at Camelot Castle Hotel -or- 2) That she wrote her 5 star review at the request of Scientologists John Mappin and Ted … Continue reading