Stonehenge – welcome to Stonehenge, your online guide to Stonehenge

Welcome to Stonehenge? Welcome to Camelot Castle Hotel, more like

Just when you thought the Camelot Castle Hotel story couldn’t get any more #stupid this pops up: John Mappin’s latest attempt to hijack British tourist traffic and direct it at his own failing Camelot Castle Hotel (

John and Ted are no strangers to this strategy. It’s what they’ve been doing for years with Camelot Castle Hotel – hoping to cash in on the steady flow of people heading for that most mystical and beautiful of sites, Tintagel Castle.

We’ve said many times that there’s nothing wrong with capitalising on tourist interest if you’re running a hotel on a site as beautiful as Tintagel. There’s a lot wrong, however, if you’re more interested in converting them to Scientology than in giving them a good quality hotel experience.

Faced with an online media shit-storm and a tidal wave of truly awful Tripadvisor reviews, Mappin is now trying to tap into another rich source of fresh meat for his Camelot scientology training school: the ever-popular and ancient Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

A quick look at Mappin’s ‘Stonehenge’ website reveals its true agenda: to drive people direct to Camelot Castle Hotel before they have a chance to find out from the rest of the world just how awful Camelot Castle Hotel really is.

If you’re more interested in a nice day out in the UK countryside than being ripped off by Scientology, then you might want to find out about Stonehenge from the reputable English Heritage.

8 Responses to “Stonehenge – welcome to Stonehenge, your online guide to Stonehenge”
  1. I just checked on my journey planner, and Stonehenge is three hours (and 150 miles) from the cult’s crappy hotel in Tintagel. Do they seriously expect to generate any business in this way? A tourist who has to drive three hours to reach their accommodation – passing much nicer places to stay along the way – is going to be pissed off.

    Does John Mappin think that because druidry has been recognised as a proper religion, all the UFO whack-jobs in Scientology have to do is “ooh” and “aah” at Stonehenge for a few years, and they’ll obtain legitimacy as well?

    Or is Ted planning to improve the neolithic monument, with glitter glue and cheap plastic butterflies?


  2. Xenu says:

    I found this number on CCH’s new website. It sure would be a pity if people started calling it at 4 am or so.

    Tel: 01840 770202

  3. Dean Fox says:

    That’s bad really coz people might book that hotel to stay at with the intention of visiting Stonehenge. Someone warn the Druids!

  4. Maybe you should publish some nice, helpful travel advice for people who want to see Stonehenge and stay at Camelot Castle hotel?

    The two are 150 miles apart, down some of the most congested roads in Britain. Best case, it’s a 3-hour journey and in tourist season it’s more like five… you should do the socially responsible thing and publish a travel article detailing all the places where traffic jams occur, and the road accident blackspots. Maybe point out all the (far nicer) accommodation that’s available along the way…

    Or would that be evil :o)

    • Good idea Snake – only problem really is that our site is just about as UN-likely as Mappin’s to come up in Google for a foreign tourist search of ‘stonehenge’ so I’d be wasting my Google-breath, kind of…

      Probably better to concentrate on warning off UK and overseas tour operators via new-fangled social media and old-fangled emails 🙂

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