Latest 5* review tells you nothing – except that the reviewer is in Mappin’s pocket

Camelot Castle Hotel’s latest 5* reviewer couldn’t make his allegiances any clearer if he tried

The purpose of this review isn’t to help the prospective traveller to the region make a good decision about whether or not this hotel would suit them. Oh, no. The purpose of this review is to loft another 5 stars in the direction of Camelot Castle Hotel – without sounding the Tripadvisor alarm.

The thing that Ted and John seem to have forgotten is that normal people write reviews that talk about the place they stayed in a way that helps other travellers first, the establishment second. In their desperation (and because they’re Scientologists) Mappin and Stourton overlook this. You can’t blame them, though, because despite having deleted something in the region of 20 or more 5* reviews that we can only assume they agreed were fraudulent, Tripadvisor have (predictably) bottled out of doing what it should have done two years ago – remove this property from its site.

Sure, Tripadvisor has other things to think about – like 700 hotels pursuing a class action against fake malicious reviews. What we’re looking at with Camelot Castle Hotel is the other side of the coin.

Ironically, what Tripadvisor AND Camelot Castle Hotel share in common is that both are doomed unless they fundamentally change the mindset from which they operate. Sadly, I’ve seen no evidence in either case that there’s any chance of that happening. One is too blinded by Scientology, the other too blinded by a dream of easy money online.

I’ll say it again, Tripadvisor: if you believe this hotel has faked its reviews, then drop it from your site. Otherwise, kiss the remnants of your reputation goodbye.

Oh – and I wonder why 186338Jim or 186338James had to create two profiles: one to slag off the Club Hotel Aguamarina in July this year, and another to praise Camelot Castle Hotel to the skies today?

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