Another fake Tripadvisor review?

Who cares? Apparently not Tripadvisor

Another fake 4* review added to the list today praising – yes, you’ve guessed it – Mr. Ted Stourton and the wonderful staff.

You can see from the last 3 positive reviews that Tripadvisor has no idea what to do with this hotel. As we’ve pointed out several times before, any hotel with this extreme a set of opposing reviews has clearly got something seriously wrong with it. The only question is what?

Tripadvisor has stalled. It has deleted something like 20 – 25 fake reviews recently and probably more before that. It knows that the controversy over this hotel’s fake reviews goes back at least two years, if not more.

So what will it take for Tripdavisor to remove this hotel from its listing altogether? Or, put another way, ‘what else beside ripping off the public, faking its own reviews and pushing Scientology at guests, staff and local neighbours does this hotel have to do before Tripadvisor removes it from the site?’.

Don’t hold your breath. I doubt anyone at Tripadvisor has the courage to remove a hotel for any amount of fraudulent review activity.

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