Camelot Castle Hotel 1* review: “Terrible”

Bird shit mountains and dead flies, 5 rooms later…

This is the truth of Camelot Castle Hotel – and the pictures are proof that no matter how many fake 5* reviews these conmen continue to write, this hotel is an appalling scandal that deserves to be kicked off Tripadvisor as a minimum.

What we need is more pictures of just how bad this place is – pictures that will prove to ordinary travellers that this place is best avoided – irrespective of what the ‘friends of Scientology’ write on Tripadvisor in praise of John, Irina and the wonderful Ted Stourton

What is clear is that nobody researching this hotel on Tripadvisor would touch it. The pictures of the run-down, grotty rooms and the sheer number of terrible 1* reviews guarantee that. Poor old John and Ted don’t seem to understand that. Never mind.

The real victims here are the coach loads of unsuspecting old folks who are shipped in to this Scientology concentration camp by either careless or ignorant tour operators. We’re working to raise awareness among these operators – and pictures and reviews like these will go a long way to changing some of these operators’ minds.

So, if you’ve been to Camelot Castle Hotel – if you’re currently there – and you want to help to put these nasty Scientologists out of business (unless they substantially change their ways) then make sure you take lots of pictures and video and post it on the web and with your review on Tripadvisor.

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