Mappin’s fake Camelot Castle Tripadvisor review video

Mappin uploads his own propaganda to Tripadvisor and gives it 4 stars

..of course he would. He’s desperately trying to stay afloat and keep the money flowing to Scientology HQ in Clearwater.

If you’d like to help Tripadvisor work out what John Mappin is doing, please pop along to the Tripadvisor Camelot Castle Hotel review page, click on the pictures and select this video.

Then report it for being suspicious. Put it in your own words – but do make sure to point out that this video is one of Camelot Castle Hotel’s own “Lightbox” propaganda videos and NOT a guest video.

With a bit of luck, Tripadvisor will eventually take this outrageous Hotel off its list and cure the problem altogether.

4 Responses to “Mappin’s fake Camelot Castle Tripadvisor review video”
  1. David Mayo says:

    Nice going, Mappin. Is that “KSW”? Haha… flunk.

  2. A Nonnymouse says:

    You’d think John would be au fait with film fantasy, especially after his early career in soft core porno!

  3. mary watson says:

    Please have a look at CCH’s beautiful sleeping baby competition ad…..any mother who submits a photo of her sleeping baby to John Mappin / Camelot Castle Hotel can get an Artist’s Management Contract….what, like Benji Pell’s? Perhaps there is a need to keep an eye on the beautiful baby competition thread. There’s nothing more gullible than a doting mama: I know, I am one. But an Artists’ Manager with a background in soft porn & fraud – now there’s an interesting concept.

  4. nosympathy says:

    This maybe of interest to you regarding mappin and his cronies.

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