Camelot Castle Hotel horror review: “Mr Mappin is nothing short of a complete fruitloop”

Camelot Castle Hotel continues to draw rave reviews…NOT

Another class review (non-Tripadvisor) of Camelot Castle Hotel that we just HAD to grab for safekeeping as evidence of what the world REALLY thinks of John Mappin’s pebble-dashed horror on the hill in Tintagel.

“Oh My God. Wish we had found this website before we left. Have just arived back today, couldn’t get away fast enough. Frankly I think everybody else in this blog, has been too kind and too easy on Mr Mappin who is nothing short of a complete fruitloop.

We were unlucky enough to endure an hour of his company whereupon he explained to us everything he was ‘involved in’ only using the word scientology in the last ten minutes. We thought it was funny before he mentioned it, but just plain frightening afterwards. Especially when we challenged his views and he got rather annoyed, only to interupt out dinner half an hour later to apologise.

It is clear that this venue is some sort of breeding/training ground for his ‘religion’. We will not be returning until he has been safey removed. The accomodation was in fact horrendous, although speaking with some other guests, understood that they were willing to accept the ‘lack of’ standards as they brought pets with them. We can accept this, although do not feel that the £120 extra charge to stay in a room that was still below par was acceptable.

Had this been a chain hotel, we would have been upgraded for free, or at least discounted. Instead, we had to argue with the receptionist, whose English was not the best, before we could get an upgrade and then, on our departure attempted to charge us a further £44.

We would love to know if there was someone to complain to regarding this hotel. We will not be returning and will also be posting this on every website we can find.

Trading Standards? Pest Control? Department of Insane Cults? Good luck!

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