Deborah Zachary: did you really give Camelot Castle Hotel 5 stars?

Did Deborah Zachary even write a 5 star review for Camelot Castle Hotel?

Who knows? Logically, there are three possible scenarios:

1) That Ms Zachary wrote the review because she enjoyed her stay at Camelot Castle Hotel


2) That she wrote her 5 star review at the request of Scientologists John Mappin and Ted Stourton


3) That she didn’t write the review at all but someone else DID

If it’s 1) then she is entitled to her view even if we disagree with it.

If it’s 2) then she might want to consider the consequences of her actions given the hotel owners’ activities to promote the cult of Scientology

If it’s 3) then Ms Zachary’s name is being exploited by someone for the benefit of this hotel. If that’s the case, then I suggest she contacts Tripadvisor immediately and requests that they remove the review and take action appropriate against the hotel.

Which is it? Did Deborah Zachary even stay at Camelot Castle Hotel at all?

Of course, we won’t know without asking her. Personally, I’m suspicious. Despite owning a business, I can’t find any evidence of a website or even an email address associated with this person and no trace of online activity. It’s hard to imagine that same person sitting down and posting a Tripadvisor review – it just doesn’t fit.

Finally, given that Deborah Zachary appears to be a respected Ofsted Lead Inspector for schools – with a duty of care towards young and vulnerable people – we think that the answer to this question matters.

4 Responses to “Deborah Zachary: did you really give Camelot Castle Hotel 5 stars?”
  1. antonia willis says:

    I’m signed up with tripadvisor & decided to ask Deborah Zachary your question(s), especially as I have already asked them in another forum. So I tried to click on her given name via tripadvisor. When I fed in my normal details & got to the “connect” stage, I got (3 times) a message saying “error” & can’t get through at all. Anyone else want to have a go? Anyone know what this indicates?

  2. niko zachary says:

    I am her son and we did stay there and she is an ofsted inspextor and we did rate it 5stars

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