Ted Stourton: “The uncaged monkey in the basement”

“How can I get my money back from this ‘freak show’?” asks disgusted visitor

This person posting on someone else’s blog is just another horrified Camelot Castle Hotel guest.  Check out this review:

“Just spent two nights at Camelot Castle with the uncaged monkey in the basement. We were booked in for three nights but left early because of the sinister and frankly dangerous goings on at the hotel.

We are pretty worldly-wise, but I am very very concerned for the well-being of young and elderly visitors. We are a hard working couple who simply wanted a short relaxing break – not a freak show. Can anyone tell me how I can get my money back and provide further information as to what can be done to close these guys down.

I had heard all about the dangers of scientology, but until I experienced it for myself first hand without prior warning, I had no idea of the horror. Their artists in residence programme is supposed to be to help young artists starting out – I am horrified to think that someone young and impressionable may be visiting this place.”

Quite. Well said Andrew.

2 Responses to “Ted Stourton: “The uncaged monkey in the basement””
  1. Mary Sue says:

    Sorry Andrew: Scientologists are like Ferengi… they never part with the money. Put it down to experience, warn your friends and thank providence that you weren’t dumb enough to get sucked into the cult.

  2. sarah says:

    Quirky yes…scary no….we are just back from a lovely 4 night break at Camelot…very friendly people. would recommend.

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