Fake Tripadvisor reviews. Yes – look here are two

Side by side for comparison so Tripadvisor staff can get the idea

When you’ve looked at as many Tripadvisor reviews for a single property as we have (lol) you are able to do something that the average punter (or Tripadvisor staffer) can’t do: spot the fakes.

That’s because we can spot the patterns in the reviews written by the owners – aiming, of course, to get across the rather clumsy message they want to convey about their hotel.

In previous posts, we’ve pointed out the basic format of these reviews. We’ve given you the Camelot Castle Hotel review Bingo™ card to make the point. Now, for those who still can’t get it – we bring you the ‘side by side’ comparison.  Match the colours, then spot the formula.

Tripadvisor, your last chance to restore *some* kind of credibility around this issue. I’ve also been posting on an increasingly popular site reporting on your activities – Tripadvisorwatch.

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