Latest fake 5* Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes…

…demonstrating Tripadvisor’s unwillingness to stop Scientologists Mappin and Stourton abusing the system

For veteran Camelot Castle Hotel watchers, this latest 5 star Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes needed to qualify as a bona-fide fake (or paid-for) review.

The fake / paid-for Tripadvisor review will contain most (if not all) of the following components in one form or another:

“What a wonderful welcome….personally greeted by the owners (usually names them)…lovely staff…nothing too much trouble…Ted the wonderful artist…fabulous artwork / lightbox / studio…unique experience…can’t wait to come again…everyone MUST experience this…”

There you go. Now you know. You’re ready to play ‘Fake Review Bingo’ next time you look at Camelot Castle Hotel’s reviews on Tripadvisor.

And yes, Tripadvisor already knows this – but it’s clear that they’d rather keep the content and collude with Camelot Castle Hotel in ripping off the travelling public than go to the trouble of removing this hotel from its site.

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