Friends of Camelot! Millions of drugged children in [insert your town name here]

Irina Mappin dreams of one day having children… yours if you let her recruit them



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Dear Neighbors and Friends of Camelot,

Firstly, I wanted to warmly thank you for your appreciation and support of our community outreach program. Your tremendous letters of thanks have been most appreciated.

It means so much to us to know that so many of you appreciate what we do.

Whatever we all do in life, we all, as human beings, have a purpose to do something for the good of mankind.

We value the opportunity to share knowledge with those around us as I think we know that this is a way to real success and prosperity.

As you may know my husband has been working for many years on the campaign to educate and inform people on the dangers of certain psychiatric drugs especially when given to children.

Across all of life lives we hold very our children very dear to us and close to our hearts. Naturally as these precious being are our children, they occupy a special place in our hearts and it is unimaginable to think we could live with ourselves if were to allow someone to harm them.

Any mother would do anything possible to protect their child from ill will and evil.


It is why I am writing to you today.

Unfortunately, sometimes, through no fault of their own, parents lack knowledge and information as to exactly how to protect their children, sadly all too often in today’s media advertising driven world, they trust someone “An Expert” whose intentions are simply to make money at any cost.

This is why when John became aware of the research that illuminated a huge deception that was costing thousands of children their lives and a lifetime of grief to their families, he dedicated a large part of his life, work and resources, in order to help inform parents on this very important issue.

To this end, last week saw the international GLOBAL release of “DEAD WRONG” in 15 languages by CCHR.


[Link mercifully removed]

It is one of the most moving, hard-hitting and emotional documentaries to date that illuminates this problem in a very simple and yet powerful way.

This is the story of Matthew and his mother and their family.

In telling their story, it illustrates the story of millions more children.

They live all over the world, many of them live in Britain, in Cornwall and indeed shockingly even our own wonderful village of Tintagel.

As I hope to be a future mother one day and as someone who loves children dearly with all my heart I am writing to you with a great wish that you take to heart the information that this film contains.

As soon as I saw this film, I was moved to share this information with you personally and we are indeed sharing this with as many people as possible to prevent other children and families from experiencing the tragedy of Matthew and his family.

That is why this film and its knowledge is my personal gift to you today.

My hope for you and your family is that you watch it and share this knowledge with others.

Together with the knowledge that this film contains we can literally save lives.

Helping the Citizens Commission of Human Rights has always been one of the wonderful purposes of our projects and Camelot Castle in particular.

There are not many things that could be more worthwhile than a child’s life saved the prevention of a tragedy and the salvation of a families happiness.

Thank you once again for being there and for all your support and kindnesses.

Fondest wishes,

Irina Mappin”

I would soooo enjoy leafing through all those letters of gratitude that John and Irina Mappin have received from their many friends in Tintagel, wouldn’t you?

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