Camelot Castle Hotel real reviews: “We spoke to many locals…and they all had negative opinions on the Hotel”

Camelot Castle Hotel – not well-loved by the locals


A friend and i booked 2 single rooms recently at Camelot castle. I can honestly say that it was a strange experience and unlike no other hotel i have stayed in before.

On arrival we were given our keys and then had a brief tour from a staff member. She was enthusiastic and polite and wasted no time in asking us if we liked art as the resident artist was in residence and if we were keen we could view the infamous lightbox! When questioned over what this was she told us she couldnt possiblle ruin the suprise!

We were then left to take our luggage to our rooms which were on the second floor. Oh my goodness, what a shock they were. There were numerous flies in the room and the bathroom was a joke. It was similar to the size of a caraven toilet but also contained a shower and sink. No room to even move!

We complained and without question were given 2 more rooms on the third floor. I have to say apart from being dark they were an improvement. Clean and tidy with a bigger bathroom and an actuel shower with glass doors and not just a curtain.
Throughout our stay we were aware of the scientology connection, from the music playing to the numerous magazines and papers lying around.

The staff of which none were English were pleasant, polite and helpful but appeared very reserved and never smiled. We saw the artist Ted but managed to avoid the light box experience after googling it and reviewing it on the internet. His paintings were truly childlike. Glitter pen and glue with stickers of bugs, butterflies and other creatures on them! Oh and they were everywhere!!!

The hotel is in great proximity for local amenities and the beach but they state they have a private beach and this is totally untrue. Oh and a cup of coffee in the bar is £5.

We spoke to many locals during out trips out and they all had negative opinions on the Hotel. It could be a fantastic place but instead it leaves a lot to be desired.”

2 Responses to “Camelot Castle Hotel real reviews: “We spoke to many locals…and they all had negative opinions on the Hotel””
  1. Spiiike says:

    Welcome back, GoogleJohnMappin! Please, keep spreading the word. Most importantly, that if you’re living in Tintagel and you don’t like having a Californian UFO cult on your doorstep, you’re not alone!

  2. Heads up! John and Ted are on a majow baaaawwww fest. Report in the Dail Mail today 1st Nov 2010…

    “Camelot Castle’s owner claims bad TripAdvisor reviews part of anti-Scn campaign ”

    Oh LOL.

    The “Streisand Effect” will now become known as the “Camelot Effect”.

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