Camelot Castle Hotel: Scientology ‘Ponzi’ scheme?

Discussion on WWP forum starts to ask “Who’s funding Scientologists at Camelot Castle Hotel?” Following the BBC TV expose on Camelot Castle Hotel on 15th November, discussion in the WWP forums (home of Scientology arch-enemy ‘Anonymous’) has turned to who is funding Mappin and Stourton? All of us think that this hotel is just a … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel fake reviews: how dodgy can you get??

Camelot Castle Hotel fake 5* review – wonder how long it will take Tripadvisor to work it out? Another totally trustworthy review from the pen of a recent 5* reviewer of Camelot Castle Hotel. Lol. Take a look at their review for The Hotel Sailer in Innsbruck. Notice anything odd? Yes – you spotted it. … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: YouTube is NO LONGER your friend

BBC’s Inside Out trumps Camelot Castle Hotel’s own propaganda on YouTube Search YouTube for ‘Camelot Castle Hotel’ and this is what you get: Mystic Ed and Fluffy’s gay marriage honeymoon review, BBC Inside Out’s highly critical 10 minute documentary and a BBC radio Cornwall expose on the same subject. In fact, 5 of the first … Continue reading

John Mappin: “We’re just happy Scientologists trying to help”

We bring you photographic proof Our picture shows the smiling Ambassadorial couple on their sun-terrace at Camelot Castle Hotel, overlooking the golden sands of the hotel’s private beach. Judging by the smiles, these people aren’t members of a cult that targets vulnerable guests and their relatives or the weakest, most susceptible members of staff for … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel BBC Inside Out: Mappin and Stourton bonkers, exploitative and dangerous – OFFICIAL

Camelot Castle Hotel meets BBC – and loses. A lot. If you’ve arrived on this site after watching the BBC Inside Out piece on the Scientology goings on at Camelot Castle Hotel, then a very warm welcome to you. If this is your first contact with the madness that is Scientology, John Mappin and Ted … Continue reading

“Please take one”… please

John Mappin’s Tintagel Independent is flying off the table at the Gallery The photo doesn’t do it justice – but our paparazzi snapped these artfully arranged copies of Mappin’s ‘Good News’ paper or Scientology Free Ads (as we like to call it) sitting on the table in the Gallery waiting to be picked up and … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel Tripadvisor review: “Enjoyable…but!!!”

Camelot Castle’s weird reviews continue with the latest 3* Enjoyable… but basically really shit – and if it had happened to us instead of our distant relatives we would have been well annoyed. You can’t help wonder how bad things have to be for some people to decide they’re being ripped off. And you can’t … Continue reading

Evidence grows of continuing recruitment in Poland for CCH Staff

New posts on Polish blog uncover worrying trend. Here is a translation of a post on a well-known Polish blog, people who have worked there are posting their experiences to warn off others. One poster applied for a job there but after Googling was alerted to what goes on and emailed to decline their offer … Continue reading

Saved from Camelot Castle Hotel’s ‘artist in residence’ Scientology recruitment scheme

Interesting post from the US reveals WWP information saves vulnerable artist from potential exploitation Throughout this campaign, we’ve been very clear about trying to help stop vulnerable people getting ‘hit on’ by Scientologists John Mappin and Ted Stourton. This post (from Why We Protest forum) makes it very real for us “(Long post– I apologize) … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel pulled horror review: “Oh my God..”

Tripadvisor pulled this Camelot Castle Hotel ‘horror’ review a day after it was posted. Despite the contents of this review being absolutely in keeping with all the other ‘horror’ reviews of Camelot Castle Hotel, Tripadvisor has pulled it. It doesn’t mention Scientology nor is it abusive or defamatory, so why did they take it down? … Continue reading