Chris Emmins: a word re. Camelot Castle Hotel

Hey, Chris – a word (or several) about Camelot Castle Hotel

Hi Chris – welcome.

No doubt you’ve had a good look around this site – because we hope that in doing so, you’re able to get a good sense of what motivated us to create it in the first place.

It wasn’t ‘religious intolerance’. John Mappin is, of course, entitled to believe whatever he wants. (The problem is that he seems to think this entitles him to do whatever he wants too).

It wasn’t commercial gain. We have nothing to do with hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses or tourism. (We gain nothing from running this site – DOH!)

Our motivation is to try to prevent unsuspecting and vulnerable people being recruited into Scientology.

We created this site to highlight the Mappins’ and Stourton’s decision to use Camelot Castle Hotel to promote and recruit for the ‘church’ of Scientology.

So why do we do this anonymously, Chris?

A little research will show you exactly what Scientology does to anyone that criticises it openly. If you’ve never really looked into Scientology before, it might surprise you just what an aggressive, dangerous and intolerant organisation it is that you’re now dealing with. When you’ve heard from some of the people bullied by this ‘church’, John Mappin’s claim of being ‘victimised by anonymous internet bullies’ might begin to sound a just a little bit hollow.

Don’t forget – Scientology’s ‘Fair Game’ policy (their self-proclaimed entitlement to ‘destroy’ their critics by any and all means) will apply to you too, Chris, should you ever publicly disagree with what they are doing.

We hope that you’ll notice we haven’t set out to be abusive or defamatory to John Mappin. Where we’ve made comment, we’ve done so based on facts about the Mappins and their activities in Tintagel and beyond. When we talk about “Fake 5* reviews”, it’s based on Tripadvisor itself having considered this hotel’s reviews suspicious enough to have periodically culled swathes of them and on the amount of reviews written to a clearly-visible formula. The Mappins seem to think that more 5* reviews will somehow cancel out the damage of more than 180 awful 1 and 2* ones.  But you know that’s not how it works, don’t you Chris? 🙂

Are there a lot of links here to inform people about the madness that is the cult of Scientology? Yes there are. Have we uncovered some uncomfortable and potentially compromising connections between the Mappins and some interesting and unsavoury characters? Yep, very mucky. Are there some rather unkind pictures lampooning the Mappins and Ted (‘call me Monet’) Stourton and his ‘art’? Oh, yes. Some of them are quite funny too.

Are we the anonymous, hooded hate-mongers that John Mappin has been telling you about? We’ll leave you to make up your own mind on that.

11 Responses to “Chris Emmins: a word re. Camelot Castle Hotel”
  1. Dear GoogleJohnMappin,

    Thanks – this is a very reasoned and accurate description of our distaste for Camelot Castle Hotel, and what the owners are trying to do with it.

    It’ll be interesting to see whether Camelot’s new ‘relationship management’ people will enter into any kind of dialogue with you, or Anonymous in general. Comments are open…

    I am not a hate-monger, and I don’t think you are either. Just a concerned citizen who worries about young, vulnerable guest workers having their passports taken away and being compelled to study L Ron Hubbard’s drivel.

    The real world doesn’t work like that.

  2. Tiny Tim says:

    And another thing Chris bad reviews for Camelot Castle Hotel have been around for at least 4 years longer than the Anonymous campaign against scientology. The shocking reviews start in 2004. Project Chanology against Scientology didnt start until January 2008.
    Threads on WWP started in September 2009, Chris listen to the wise words above and do a little research it’s YOUR reputation thats at stake!

    • Very good point Tiny Tim

      • MasterOfTheDead says:

        Whoever wrote the above, I need to get in contact with you. It (The site.) will notify me of follow-up comments via email. I have some data I want to hand over to you. Leave me instructions of how to contact you, we can do a dead-drop, or any way you want.

        And yes, Mr Emmins, this is exactly who you know it is. You got nothing coming, neither does MB, GB or even PS, yes, scorched earth policy.

        If you want further evidence of my character, then yes, Mr Emmins, you were correct. I am a nasty piece of work. If you had anything coming, you would have eliminated me when you had the chance. So, if I were you, I’d try to get hold of me first, before Anonymous.

        Remember Mr Emmins, the truth, cannot be defamation.

  3. MasterOfTheDead thanks for the comment. We can only presume your message is partly addressed to us “Whoever wrote the above…” and partly to Chris Emmins “And yes, Mr. Emmins..” which, of course, is a little confused. We have no idea who you are or what you’re talking about. Kind of dilutes the ooomph of your message a bit.

    We DO know that your IP resolves to St.Pete, Fla which puts you firmly in Scientology territory but that’s about it.

    Thanks for taking the time anyway.

    • MasterOfTheDead says:

      Oh my, my mistake. I’m afraid I must have been confused as to the above message. Please delete it if you can, how terrible of me to get persons confused. May I publicly retract the above, I’m afraid it was complete and total confusion on my part, with no intent to create any harm, be it mental or financial, to any person or corporate entities. I must have simply gotten two different people confused, my, honest, mistake.

      I apologise for the St Pete’s IP address, I do realise the implications of the area, however I am not on that “side” of things. I was raised better than that. Besides, members of “that” group aren’t as brazen about their actions. Members of my community however, are pretty brazen when we know we walk the right path, we don’t have to walk with fear.

      I must have been confusing the above people with a few complete amateurs who continually walk into traps set for them, just for them. Their social engineering skills are terrible, as was that pathetic October DDOS attack, if indeed that was them. Amateurs… we all had to start somewhere!

  4. daffy says:

    Looks like you started here then,good luck finding the dumbasses your looking for,try cch their not short of a fool or two and are always on the lookout for new “friends”.

  5. */ tips hat to Masterofthedead who has left me EVEN more confused than before – but that’s the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it 🙂

  6. MasterOfTheDead says:

    Daffy; It never started here. It was long before in a place far, far from here. In a time when one member of his Clan stood, overlooking the shore, staring into, but not at, the Gulf of Mexico; Even with satori, that is to presume he had it, his presence of mind was on serving his Master, as it should have been. Though, no longer did it matter. For his trap was set so long before, on the other side of the world. Now as he waited, watching the Eagle play, he was content. Knowing, as the Eagle knew so well before him, that from the law of the jungle the rogue could not deviate, for so unforgiving, the law of the jungle would always have to be.

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