Evidence grows of continuing recruitment in Poland for CCH Staff

New posts on Polish blog uncover worrying trend.

Here is a translation of a post on a well-known Polish blog, people who have worked there are posting their experiences to warn off others. One poster applied for a job there but after Googling was alerted to what goes on and emailed to decline their offer of a job.

Hello, a few days ago I answered an advert on the work of the CCH, the next day (which I very surprised with the rest, such a rapid response yet never saw) was told that they need my CV, cover letter, etc, of course, very pleased immediately sent, the next day got the next email-and gratitude for my applications and congratulation that past the first stage. Email spoke about it, I was selected for a telephone interview as one of the few, I was asked to give hours and dates, which is most suitable for me, and also to read and look at several sites recommended by them ……… .. and Praise God that these links as an annex, after the opening of the first appeared to me some older man’s face, who professed no religion-religions scientologii!! and at that moment something struck me and I immediately started looking for information about former employees, without any problems ended up here and tell you that this was a great happiness! and with a hair on the head reading the language as there gone! as it has already set the date and time of any interview I decided to write an email to CCH with the refusal, stating that after reading unflattering opinion about them came to the conclusion that this is not the place for me and I’m not interested in the answers received an email, which attach here, you may be interested and hot thanks to those who have contributed to my not wyjazu! thanks

Then a reply came from the Camelot Castle Hotel which to anyone following this saga will be so familiar….

Dear Anna,
I got your note and completely understand it. How can you be sure that something is not right for you based on the opinions of few people that you never even met? There are few unethical staff members that had been fired for stealing and dishonesty and they are trying to create bad impression about the business and make it look like a lot of people are doing it when in fact there is a very small number of them. It is extremely important to evaluate the source of any information and the intentions of people behind it. If you want to find out about something or someone look at it for yourself and do not be brainwashed by others. What is really important is what YOU can see and what is true for YOU. By allowing the internet to influence you and by not looking for yourself you might be missing one of the best opportunities of your life. In any case we wish you all the very best.

So that’s the usual routine for them blame everyone but themselves. Unethical staff big pharmaceutical companies it’s all the same as long as it’s not their fault!

The simple message to any one offered a job at CCH is walk away and save yourself!

5 Responses to “Evidence grows of continuing recruitment in Poland for CCH Staff”
  1. daffy says:

    Whats true for you,now where have we heard that before?

  2. Xenu says:

    Typical Scientology slang for “no one tells the truth except us.” You can feel his mind wanting to namefag people so they can be put up on http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.org for a good sliming.

  3. jeeny says:

    This is only to thank you that there is ALREADY a site, specially created to be against Camelot castle hotel.At the time i worked there, there was not so much information about Mappins and the castle- in 2007. Only those, that are very stupid cannot realize THE REAL DANGER of working in Camelot castle. So I would like to tell to everybody- EVERYTHING IS REAL AND IT IS REALLY DANGEROUS, THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! DON`T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING TO WORK WITHIN THE CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Jeeny. According to John Mappin (see reply in the post above) you must be someone who worked there, stole things and was sacked lols.

      The sane (non-Scientology) world knows exactly what’s been going on at Camelot Castle Hotel.

  4. Smirk @ ‘unethical’ – like a Scientologist knows what the word means!

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