Camelot Castle Hotel BBC Inside Out: Mappin and Stourton bonkers, exploitative and dangerous – OFFICIAL

Camelot Castle Hotel meets BBC – and loses. A lot.

If you’ve arrived on this site after watching the BBC Inside Out piece on the Scientology goings on at Camelot Castle Hotel, then a very warm welcome to you. If this is your first contact with the madness that is Scientology, John Mappin and Ted Stourton, then prepare yourself: it gets more insane and more sinister the deeper you go. You have been warned.

For those of us who have been following the antics of Mappin and Stourton and their loopy plan to fix the world as only Scientologists believe they can, this 10 minute documentary contained absolutely no surprises at all.

What it does brilliantly, though, is set out enough facts about the hotel and the contemptuous way that Mappin and Stourton treat guests and local residents to deter any sane person from staying there.

True to the BBC’s impeccable reputation for fairness (in all but Scientology circles, of course!), Inside Out lined up each of the key facts and presented them clearly to the audience:

• Misleading website & disgracefully shoddy rooms (barely worth £20 let alone £200)

• Suspicious ‘magical’ reviews on the #1 travel review site

• Faked ‘golden beach’ on their website

• Ted Stourton ‘passing off’ affiliations with famous auction houses that don’t exist

• The con of the ‘Light Box’ and the lies in Mappin’s ‘Westminster Independent’ designed to sucker people into thinking Stourton’s paintings were worth something

• Stourton’s lie about his affiliation with Nike

• The spamming of guests and locals with Scientology propaganda

The fact that Mappin and Stourton were too afraid to take up the BBC’s invitation to put their case to camera was very revealing. Instead, their ridiculous written statement not only proved they had nothing with which to counter the facts, but also revealed the true nature of their Scientology brainwashing. Their desperate attempt to convince the watching world that far from the exploitative, deluded and manipulative conmen this programme proves them to be, they are in fact the victims of an ‘internet hate campaign’ by a tiny group of people in the pay of international pharamceutical companies.

Come again???

Yes. The absolute, 100% nut-job, can’t-help-myself Scientology giveaway – to blame your own crimes on the psychiatric profession and the pharmaceutical industry that supplies it with the drugs it uses to control and kill our children…. etc. The problem for Scientologists is that they can’t understand that this means nothing to anyone who isn’t a Scientologists. It’s a PR fail on a monumental scale.

We’ve always said from the beginning that the truth will take care of itself. It has, and it will continue to do so – with or without the help of Anonymous.

Hate mongers? No. Unlike Scientologists, we don’t threaten people and we don’t brainwash people. We don’t benefit in any way from what we’re doing and we don’t channel money upwards to anyone. We don’t harass people or follow them or disconnect them from their families. We don’t cause their deaths by locking them in hotel rooms and replacing necessary medical treatment with mumbo-jumbo and then bully the system into letting us off the hook. We don’t use all means (‘legal or otherwise’) to ‘destroy’ our critics.

For anyone reading this, the record will clearly show that we said from the beginning that we object to the Mappins and Stourton using this hotel to recruit for Scientology and rip off unsuspecting staff, guests and local residents. The record will also show that these concerns are not unsubstantiated, they are borne out by facts and that these facts were exhaustively checked and confirmed by the BBC legal team in order for this programme to go ahead.

New visitors, enjoy your research into this hotel and learning about the way that John and Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton think Scientology gives them a right to behave.

Old friends, well done for all the hard work you’ve done to expose these outrageous con men – and dangerous cult drones – to a wider audience.

Mappin and Stourton. Bonkers? Clearly. Exploitative? Without a doubt. Dangerous? One look at the cult behind these ‘happy Scientologists who just want to help’ and we have to say yes.

11 Responses to “Camelot Castle Hotel BBC Inside Out: Mappin and Stourton bonkers, exploitative and dangerous – OFFICIAL”
  1. nosympathy says:

    Outstanding WIN against the conmen of camelot castle. Have you seen Ted Stourtons website?
    hes removed the links to sothby’s and Christies within 24 hours of the show hitting the tv’s.

    Mark my words they are ruffled to the core and I would say its just a matter of time before that hotel falls into the sea via its photoshoped doctored beach!

  2. Xenu says:

    The Camelot Castle Hotel never fails to amuse me. These cheap con men clearly don’t get it. I can’t believe they were stupid enough to tell the BBC about our psychiatric overlords.

  3. mary watson says:

    Great, but there’s room for follow-up, or so I’ve heard. Their treatment of migrant workers (from the Polish community especially), their offerings of “artists’ management contracts” for the parents of photogenic, sleeping babies, their newly-filed financial accounts -all of this indicates that the so-called “church” of scientology will go into financial free-fall, unless the main Scientology organization chooses to rescue them. And as the scientologists are rapidly losing members, it ain’t likely to happen. One thing you Anon guys ought to do is entertain the outside world with one story a week about Mad Ron’s fantasies: e.g., I told a group last week over dinner than we were apparently clams, dropped from a great height and damaging our bivalve jaws, hence occasional soreness in the neck region. What else has mad L Ron Hubbard said – any comments?

    • I’m sure there’s PLENTY of room for follow up. Like a commenter on WWP said some things seemed ‘noticeable by their absence’ from the BBC piece.

      When all’s said and done, that absence will either be because there’s not enough evidence to justify putting it out there or because it’s being kept back for bigger and better things. I’ll leave you (and the twitchy folks up at the Castle) to ponder which of those it will be. I don’t know – but what I DO know (as do Mappin and Stourton) is the strength of the allegations already out there on the internet about CCH’s treatment of staff.

      If those allegations are true, then it’s surely only a matter of time before the truth gets out – and if it does, you can bet it will eclipse all that stuff about shitty rooms, pushy painters and Scientology spam.

      As for L.Ron stories, it appears that there’s no shortage of them. I just can’t be bothered to publish them since anyone interested only has to look at any of the links down the right hand side of this site to find out as much as any sane person needs to know about Scientology 🙂

      For starters, have a watch of this example of Hubbard insanity.

      • mary watson says:

        Wow, loved that example – especially the bit when Hubbard mumbles, “they called it the Kasbah, or something…” (presumably meaning the sacred Ka’aba at Mecca) – can’t wait to forward it to my Syrian friends!

  4. MARK FARMER says:

    I stayed there on a recent cycling trip
    they are clearly as mad as a box of frogs
    but only dangerous if you are dumb enough to be taken in by it all
    i found the whole experience colourful and amusing

    • Tiny Tim says:

      Unfourtunatly there are alot of people taken in by a flash Bentley and some smooth talking 😦

  5. Lance A Lot says:

    Stourtons paintings look like something a school kid would paint; absolute shite. He would do better painting the scruffy gents toilet which reminded me of a public lavvy. Apparently he clams to be a reincarnation of Claude Monet! His car reg is TED 4 ART; I think he must have doctored an 04 plate to make the D. What a tosser.

  6. Sara Hoffman says:

    Reblogged this on The Hippy Chic and commented:
    John Mappin-You sir, are the human equivalent of menstrual cramps. Fuck You!

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