Camelot Castle Hotel fake reviews: how dodgy can you get??

Camelot Castle Hotel fake 5* review – wonder how long it will take Tripadvisor to work it out?

Another totally trustworthy review from the pen of a recent 5* reviewer of Camelot Castle Hotel. Lol.

Take a look at their review for The Hotel Sailer in Innsbruck. Notice anything odd?

Yes – you spotted it. “Never again!” the say yet for some reason they give it 5 stars. Work that one out.

In this Camelot Castle Hotel 5* review our friend ‘Taylors_Paradise’ came all the way from Australia to Camelot Castle Hotel and wrote 5 lines and gave it 5 stars?

One thing’s clear from these two reviews – this guy really knows a 5* hotel when he sees one 🙂

Way to go, Tripadvisor – fast becoming the worlds most distrusted hotel review site.

2 Responses to “Camelot Castle Hotel fake reviews: how dodgy can you get??”
  1. D***** H***** says:

    do trip advisor ever reply to your comments …… because it makes you wonder if their site can be trusted for other hotels all over the world!

    • They never reply directly.. but occasionally you’ll see dodgy reviews disappear after making a complaint or two so you can see it making a difference. Nowhere near enough, though. lols.

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