Camelot Castle Hotel: Scientology ‘Ponzi’ scheme?

Discussion on WWP forum starts to ask “Who’s funding Scientologists at Camelot Castle Hotel?”

Following the BBC TV expose on Camelot Castle Hotel on 15th November, discussion in the WWP forums (home of Scientology arch-enemy ‘Anonymous’) has turned to who is funding Mappin and Stourton?

All of us think that this hotel is just a front. Some think it’s just a front for these people to push Scientology and that the fake reviews, dishonest marketing and inflated self-promotion are all part of the misguided objective of saving the world, Scientology-style.

Others, however, think that the hotel is simply a means of scamming money out of investors. This view makes sense when you take a moment to consider this is essentially what Scientology is: a giant Ponzi scheme set up to extract money from its unsuspecting victims. If Camelot Castle Hotel is also a scheme (set up by convicted fraudster, alleged dodgy trader at LHW Futures and gigantic ego, John Mappin) designed to exploit vulnerable and gullible people, then the only question left is: ‘who are those people?’.

Surely they aren’t the occasional coachloads of pensioners. Their money won’t even pay the sub-standard Polish wages. Nor can it be the occasional unwary independent traveller. Or the odd visitor dropping in for an over-priced cream tea.

No. Simply not enough money there to put fuel in your Bentley.

The answer to this question, we believe, can be found when you take a close look at Mappin and Stourton’s outrageous self-promotional material.

2 Responses to “Camelot Castle Hotel: Scientology ‘Ponzi’ scheme?”
  1. imominous says:

    Funnily, I think it’s a bunch of things. They’re certainly not in the hotel business; I can’t think of any hotel that would use renovation as an excuse for shabby rooms for three years! Then again, I can’t imagine any hotel using client contact info to spam former visitors with Scientology propaganda!

    What it is, is a three ring circus! In the left ring, you have Tintagel being subjected to unwanted Scientology propaganda and Mappin’s “good news” newspaper. In the right ring, a show for shadowy investor types, which explains the video of a Kazakhstan presidential birthday party, with Mappin and Stourton bowing like a couple of parakeets . And in the center ring, you have two mutts living a fantasy in which their clearly bountiful talents are appreciated and hailed, as acclaim pours in from around the world! In this fantasy, Stourton is a well-beloved English painter, while Mappin…I guess he’s some sort of poet or songwriter. If you put any of his words to music, people would die of diabetes.

    There has to be money coming in from somewhere, and it can’t possibly be from the hotel. I guess it can’t matter much longer. How much longer can these two deluded nerks continue their role playing as Masters of the Pile?

    • Clouds Clear says:

      “If you put any of his words to music, people would die of diabetes.”

      72 are currently awaiting treatment in hospital with a further six already hooked up to dialysis machines.

      Do not watch the below video if you have a genetic susceptability to diabetes…

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