After the ‘busiest November ever’ – ZERO reviews

The busiest November ever at Camelot Castle Hotel generated NO Tripadvisor reviews? Yes. Odd that, isn’t it? No Tripadvisor reviews posted in December so far – after what the Mappins claim was the busiest November ever? Ouch. In reality, business must be worse than ever at the B&B now that the truth about the Mappins’ … Continue reading

Alex Polizzi – Camelot Castle Hotel needs you!

Would Camelot Castle be a hotel too far for hotel inspector Alex Polizzi? A great idea has surfaced in the WWP forums: why not get Alex Polizzi in to knock Camelot Castle Hotel and its quirky owners into shape? John, Ted, Irina, before you get annoyed, just think about it for a moment: all the … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot: How DO you run a decent hotel, by the way….?

Latest ‘Friends of Camelot’ spam reveals a softer, more ‘listening’ side to John Mappin and Ted Stourton In a post-BBC-expose spam email that’s remarkable by an absence of any reference to Scientology, we learn that ‘several’ rooms are undergoing ‘exciting’ refurbishment. Could this the same few rooms that have taken already taken the best part … Continue reading

Ted Stourton art work unsold on Ebay Zero Bids!

Worlds “Greatest Living Artist” work fails to sell on popular online auction site Ebay. In November two auctions were started on Ebay for two Ted Stourton canvases. Remember this is Ted Stourton, who has been busy “stunning the fine art world” one would expect his works to stir up quiet the bidding war as International … Continue reading