Ted Stourton art work unsold on Ebay Zero Bids!

Worlds “Greatest Living Artist” work fails to sell on popular online auction site Ebay.

In November two auctions were started on Ebay for two Ted Stourton canvases. Remember this is Ted Stourton, who has been busy “stunning the fine art world” one would expect his works to stir up quiet the bidding war as International art collectors fought to win one of these two fines pieces of art?

To quote from an article in the Westminster Independant written by David Edwards Fine Art correspondent.

And, while the prices of Stourtons continue
to rise in the secondary market and fortunes
will doubtless be made by some who are cashing
in on the Stourton phenomenon and beginning to
stock his work, Stourton remains completely unaffected
by the clamour and glamorous admirers that
continue to seek his work out from all over the
Indeed the local Newquay airport is getting
quite used to the roar of Gulfstream jet
engines as Stourton’s private collectors arrive
from the far flung corners of the globe.

How strange then that both auctions ended unsold even with low starting bids of £99 and £49. Even more amazing that the total number of bids for these amazing works was ZERO, NIL, NONE, NOTHING, NOT ONE SINGLE BID!

So perhaps we are now to assume that perhaps Ted is not becoming the worlds best loved artist, and with news emerging today on WWP that Ted has started to give away his art for free, perhaps, at last, the wheels are coming off this wagon.

Zero Bids Unsold

5 Responses to “Ted Stourton art work unsold on Ebay Zero Bids!”
  1. D*****h H****** says:

    if you post to this you will automatically be posted to google … as I have found out … I DO NOT AGREE WITH SCIENTOLOGY …. but this site declares you will not be published. But this is not true. I have emailed them to take my name off google and told them I am furious …. but I have not had a reply. If you do not believe me … if you have commented before google yourself …. very sad … to be honest ….

    • Tiny Tim says:

      We are sorry you feel this way but as you have posted to a Public Blog using your real name this is bound to happen. Google searches for and retrieves information. Nothing is posted to0 Google, Google just finds and indexes information. We are very sorry you feel this way. If you don’t wish for this to happen in the future then do what most people do post under a pseudonym of nom du plumee if you will! Sorry we do not control Google although we may attempt to manipulate it for our own ends 😉

    • D*****

      Instead of wasting energy having a rant, D****, I suggest you go learn something very basic about how Google works: If you choose to comment on a site online in your real name, then it will show up in Google and it’s YOUR responsibility, nobody elses! If you don’t want that to happen, then don’t use your real name. .

      That’s a harsh fact of life but it’s lesson #1 about the way the internet works.

      Since we’ve no axe to grind with you, we’ll of course edit your name out of this site. That’s the bit we CAN do for you. But don’t expect immediate results because it will take Google some months to lose your name from the indexes. Sorry, but that’s not in our control.

      Remember, don’t post online anywhere in your own name unless you’re happy for Google to return those comments when someone searches for your name.

  2. Xenu says:

    Ted’s giving away his “art” now, and people just throw it away. By the way, here’s a little gem for anyone following the CCH saga.


  3. daffy says:

    This was a Mappin scam in the making,the plan would have been to place the pictures on e bay,bid furiously on them,print the news in their good news newspapers,unfortunately wwp were all over it the moment it appeared on e bay thus scuppering their latest attempt at scamming the public.I watched these items when they appeared and if you look closely the paintings background looks very much like the art gallery,but hey,i might be wrong,doubt it though.

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