Friends of Camelot: How DO you run a decent hotel, by the way….?

Latest ‘Friends of Camelot’ spam reveals a softer, more ‘listening’ side to John Mappin and Ted Stourton

In a post-BBC-expose spam email that’s remarkable by an absence of any reference to Scientology, we learn that ‘several’ rooms are undergoing ‘exciting’ refurbishment. Could this the same few rooms that have taken already taken the best part of 10 years to refurbish?

Dear Friends of Camelot,


As it is our intention to serve you, our friends, to the best of our ability and for you to have you experience the best and most RELAXING time with us it would help us tremendously if you would fill out this quick survey.

( Our refurbishment plans will not interfere with our current delivery and the hotel will remain open all year )

Please answer these question completely honestly with the first thoughts that come to you.

1. What do you feel is the most important thing to you about a hotel room at Camelot Castle?

2. What do you feel your partner or friends appreciate most about the experience of a weekend break or a few days away is?

3. What STLYE of decoration do you feel we should create in the new rooms at Camelot Castle?

4. Where have you stayed on a holiday or in a hotel that you have been most impressed with the refurbishment?

5. Where (other than Camelot Castle) have you enjoyed staying the most and where as a destination are you most likely to return to?

Do you have any other suggestions that you feel would help us create something extra special for you and your friends at Camelot Castle

Do you know any UK or European decorators that you think we should be talking with whose work you know to be of the highest standards?

If you can be bothered, perhaps YOU’D like to take John and Ted up on their request for ‘honest’ feedback? 🙂 Here’s a bit of feedback to get started with: try proof-reading the emails you send, morons.

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