After the ‘busiest November ever’ – ZERO reviews

The busiest November ever at Camelot Castle Hotel generated NO Tripadvisor reviews?

Yes. Odd that, isn’t it? No Tripadvisor reviews posted in December so far – after what the Mappins claim was the busiest November ever? Ouch.

In reality, business must be worse than ever at the B&B now that the truth about the Mappins’ Scientology carry-on is public knowledge in the region. Add to that the BBC’s artful expose in its ‘Inside Out South West’ programme in November and it would surprise us if anybody stayed there at all last month.

It will soon be Christmas and then a shiny new year. Lets hope that Camelot Castle Hotel will put its annus horribilis behind it and that 2011 will bring a bit more common-sense and respect for guests, workers and local neighbours.

5 Responses to “After the ‘busiest November ever’ – ZERO reviews”
  1. Xenu says:

    Expanding like never before!

  2. daffy says:

    Whats the betting there are more reviews now you have mentioned it?

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