Alex Polizzi – Camelot Castle Hotel needs you!

Would Camelot Castle be a hotel too far for hotel inspector Alex Polizzi?

A great idea has surfaced in the WWP forums: why not get Alex Polizzi in to knock Camelot Castle Hotel and its quirky owners into shape?

John, Ted, Irina, before you get annoyed, just think about it for a moment: all the national TV coverage you need to breathe some life back into Camelot Castle Hotel! Yes, sure you’d be portrayed as nutters (at first) and sure, Alex would probably be a hair’s breadth from quitting on you at every step – but eventually, in the end, you could publicly change your ways AND keep face. Yes, sure they’d start off hissing and booing – but, in the end – as they watched you throw off the oppressive yoke of Scientology – you would have people from all over the UK warming to you and rooting for you to turn CCH into the hotel it should always have been.

To prove that Anonymous has no grudge and nothing but your best interests at heart, we’ve started the ball rolling for you by publishing this post. In a few weeks, Alex Polizzi’s people will hopefully pick up this mention of her name – and the connection with Camelot Castle Hotel and – with a bit of luck – spot the opportunity.

If the phone DOES ring with what would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to put CCH on the national stage, you will remember your old pals at Anonymous who worked so hard to set it up for you, won’t you?


2 Responses to “Alex Polizzi – Camelot Castle Hotel needs you!”
  1. Random guy says:

    Quite noble of you, Google Mappin!

    • I’m serious! It would be great to see Mr and Mrs and Mrs Mappin learn how to run a top notch hotel. We offer the idea in the spirit of Christmas and to prove that Anonymous isn’t a hate-group 🙂

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