Friends of Camelot: Learn business from the master himself!

Yes, folks. Learn business from internationally-renowned guru Mr. Ted ‘Loadsamonet’ Stourton Learn the 7 secrets of truly successful businessmen from Ted Stourton, bestselling author of such inspirational titles as “Keeping customers happy with the Camelot Review System” and “Selling your stuff the Light Box Way“. Dear Friends of Camelot, What IS the true power and … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! Just what you wanted for Christmas…

Here’s an unbelievable pile of reindeer manure from John, Ted and Irina …cut and pasted from the usual American Scientology crib-sheet: THE BEST POSSIBLE CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR OUR CHILDREN EVER!!!!! CAMELOT CASTLE IS FULLY BEHIND THIS CAMPAIGN… addresses one of the most destructive factors for artists today. YouTube – Psychiatry Psychiatric diagnoses prone to abuse … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! Do you agree with Picasso?

More Friends of Camelot madness emailed before Christmas: Dear Friends of Camelot Castle and our Noble Ambassadors, We have been very fortunate at Camelot Castle as we are right by the sea we have had very little snow here and the roads to Camelot Castle are clear. However we are very concerned that a few … Continue reading