Friends of Camelot: Learn business from the master himself!

Yes, folks. Learn business from internationally-renowned guru Mr. Ted ‘Loadsamonet’ Stourton

Learn the 7 secrets of truly successful businessmen from Ted Stourton, bestselling author of such inspirational titles as “Keeping customers happy with the Camelot Review System” and “Selling your stuff the Light Box Way“.

Dear Friends of Camelot,

What IS the true power and value of a NEW IDEA?

Would you like to beat all recessionary factors and to see YOUR business or job expand and take off like a rocket in the new year and coming months? We would like to share something very special with you at Camelot Castle.

To that end we have just created a new CAMELOT CASTLE MID WEEK BUSINESS EXPANSION BREAK….

We hope that you will find these breaks to be pure gold for your business and indeed you (sic) whole life.

Many of our friends have already had success from spending a few days changing their environment and getting away from it all at Camelot…..a chance to reflect on work strategy in a relaxing environment can be a good thing….

Over the last 20 years we have collected and researched out some of the finest business strategies and successful actions from around the world and we are making these available to you now.

The results that we have seen from these strategies has (sic) made us consider sharing this knowledge more broadly.

So, on a trial basis at Camelot Castle starting NOW and through the new year with every mid week booking for our THREE NIGHTS FOR for the price of ONE package se (sic) Cornwall Holiday Accommodation in Luxury | Camelot Castle we are including a FREE 45 Minute BUSINESS EXPANSION CONSULTATION with one of our highly trained Camelot Castle Senior Business Expansion Executives.

This can be delivered one on on or to a group in a seminar. These executives will share with you or your group several positive ideas that can help expand any business even in the very toughest Econonic (sic) climates.

And our executives will demonstrate how you can tailor these ideas to your personal situation to achieve the expansion that you want to achieve.

Please help us deliver this service to you by filling out the survey below and send your replies to…..

1. What do you feel the ONE THING, that if you could achieve it in your business or work life, you would like to make happen….?
2. Are there any barriers that you feel get in the way of your doing that? (What are they)
3. Is there some piece of knowledge that you feel that you are missing to really succeed to the next level (sic) in you chosen profession or in life?
4. What do you ENJOY the most about your business or work?
5. What do you feel gives others most pleasure in your work?
6. What do you feel needs to change in the current economy for you to succeed?
7. What do you feel that you need to change in order to succeed in the current economy?

Please pass this survey on to others….. and send your replies to

All the best

John Irina and Ted

2 Responses to “Friends of Camelot: Learn business from the master himself!”
  1. Researcher says:

    I am a researcher working with Panarama. Having followed your website we have noticed that the business tips and questioned as outlined by John Mappin have recently reappeared. This time close to home at a small Christian media gathering at the All Souls Church in Langham Place held at the weekend. It was noticed that the name Duncan Williams was on the list of speakers and was to be speaking on the subject of Money, money, money. Obviously one of our team popped along to listen. This is surely Scientology being touted to a young Christian audience. Could this be the same Duncan Williams that is John Mappin’s Cornish friend?

    • Thanks for your comment, researcher. Yes, Duncan Williams seems to be bi-curious when it comes to religions, enjoying both a bit of Catholic along with his Scientology.

      BTW – if you actually worked on Panorama you’d be able to spell it 😉

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