Haydn Gresty: Ted Stourton paintings are worthless, you should know that

Haydn Gresty of Barnstaple looks to fob worthless Ted Stourton picture on the world – claiming to have paid ‘5 figures’ for it

A recent appearance of a large, pig ugly (but hey, that’s subjective) Ted Stourton painting on eBay caused a smile over at WWP forums. The painting is being auctioned with a starting bid of £5,000 and a ‘Buy It Now’ price of £20,000 by a certain ‘Furious_Man’. According to him, he paid £8,000 for this years ago (having been charmed by Ted Stourton at Camelot Castle Hotel. We know how that works, don’t we, readers?). Now the missus wants to decorate the kitchen (or some other such cack) and needs him to get shot of this valuable investment. Lulz.

Given that it’s highly unlikely that anyone ever paid ‘five figures’ for a Stourton (or even the starting bid of £5 in the many eBay auction attempts that Ted has made to flog his shit) we suspect that Stourton is using Furious_Man with his 100% +ve feedback in yet another vain attempt to fulfil his twin destinies as ‘The World’s Most Beloved Painter” and “Monet re-incarnated”.

Curious about ‘Furious_Man’, we went to work on the phone number he provides in the eBay listing to find out just who this helpful Stourton-friendly individual is.

Introducing one Mr. Haydn Gresty from Barnstaple who, when he isn’t selling oversized Stourtons on eBay, runs Tarka radio in the North Devon Hospital.  Remember those words ‘North Devon Hospital‘ for a moment, will ya?

It also appears that the very same Mr. Haydn Gresty owns the web domains www.ragingbullstiffy.com (offering male impotency potions according to Google’s indexes) and www.adult-contacts.com. A perfect pair.

This is the same Mr. Haydn Gresty who was director of a company called SJ-Tele.com listed as being in the business of er… buying and selling ‘pharmaceuticals’. I quote from a director listing for the company:

“we are looking for suppliers of male impotence capsules genuine people only please”  

Male impotence capsules? Adults Only websites? Hospital Radio? Interesting CV.

Ted Stourton shouldn’t hold out much hope for a profitable sale, though. A quick examination of Furious_Man’s eBay stats reveals him to be  predominantly a buyer with 2,749 items bought vs. 96 sold including a few cars and car parts – some also listed in other forums (posting under the ID ‘garyspan‘ including phone number and the name ‘haydn’).

It’s a typical ‘car boot’ seller profile – buying online, selling off. If you’ve got a ‘Cherished Teddies’ piece to sell, Haydn Gresty’s your man. But paintings? You might want to go somewhere else.

By the way, Haydn, if you bought this painting from Ted then you have our sympathy, because what you have in your possession is worthless.  If, however, you’re just trying to flog it for a commission, then you’re an accessory to The Great Camelot Art Swindle. Either way, you eBay listing is helping TS to peddle the myth that his paintings have a commercial value when all the available evidence says they don’t – as you’re no doubt discovering for yourself.

7 Responses to “Haydn Gresty: Ted Stourton paintings are worthless, you should know that”
  1. haydn says:

    wow im famous!!!
    ok lets start at the begining shall we
    yes i did buy this from ted stourton, because i liked it! its the only reason to buy something like this.
    no it doesnt fit in my house as its 8 foot tall and my house isnt.
    i either cut it down to size, which seems the most logical answer now, or sell it, which doesnt look like that will happen.
    i dont sell anything on commission for ted stourton or scientology, and am not and never will be a scientologist.
    I do not RUN tarka radio, i am or was a presenter there for hospital radio going back over ten years.
    the websites you mention are registered by me for clients who are in the adult industry, i have been doing websites and artwork for them for years
    sj-tele.com has been defunct for several years, but has in the past listed as looking for adult impotence tablets, and also for scrap iron and oil, none of which can ever be found on the alibaba type websites which as the name alibaba implies is full of thieves and conmen only after your money.
    cherished teddies are a personal like of my missus, she of the new kitchen fame!
    cars are my love, as well as stamps. ive only ever done two car boot sales and i think i bought more than i took!
    the fact that i use my own name and phone number either makes me a genuine person or an idiot – maybe a genuine idiot!!
    however, whatever anyone thinks, i still own a ted stourton picture that may not be to everyones taste, and may not be what you want in your own home, but i like it, and im now keeping it, and will be very happy with it.

  2. Tiny Tim says:

    Thanks for being the “bigger man” and coming on here and posting. Enjoy your picture we are glad you like it, like Marmite we suppose love or hate!

    The internet leaves a trail, and all we did was follow it, your explainations are now there for all to see. Please look around our little site and find out a little more about our friends at Camelot Castle Hotel, and see where your £8000 has gone (donated to the Scientology Super Power Building fund)

    GJM and Tiny Tim

    • haydn says:

      hi guys, i would have replied sooner but didnt know this existed. i dont google myself! maybe i should.
      a pal i havent spoken to in six months texted me to say he had found out all about my ‘dirty’ secret.
      I have never had any dealings with scientology before and its only after dealing with ted and looking into it that i realised it existed. to be honest, i dont understand it now and dont particularly want to!
      If you have ever been to camelot, you will know that it IS a stunning building and in a wonderous location, ok it doesnt have a beach!! The actual rooms are to say the least, er, basic, dirty, dog haired and would be put to shame by the average blackpool b&b of the 70s. there are a few ‘good’ rooms which are let to people with more money than sense, or if you complain.
      i went there originally for afternoon tea, cos it looked good, and enjoyed ted singing to us and serving us, didnt know who he was then, and saw my ‘artwork’ on the wall! i rang the hotel a couple of years later asking if it was for sale and the rest is history as they say.
      i do love the painting, whether that makes me a sad bunny or not, i dont care, and im going to take teds advice and cut it down to size!!! and put it over my staircase. it does help that my partner likes it as well. my friends call it my C**T pic, cos it reminds them of a part of the female anatomy, which i suppose it does!
      sad bunny that i am, i also have two more of teds priceless works of art, this time on canvas, rolled up in my garage. i was given them after looking at his ‘lightbox’ which i didnt understand at all. he unrolled dozens and dozens of paintings, and then picked out the two that he had seen i reacted to and gave them to me. one of them is a bit like a monet…… i did say a bit!
      they have been there for five years and i havent checked them, maybe the paint has fallen off, who knows? are they worth the listing fee on Ebay? hmm i suspect not!
      i have never had anything but good times at camelot, and have always found ted charming, so i guess im lucky.
      my internet trail? we all try things to earn a living, some suceed, some dont.
      trying to sell oil and gas from russia to china? nope didnt work!
      trying to sell scrap steel, to china again? nope!
      setting up adult sites for customers? yep wasnt a disaster!
      adult pills? definately not a good idea!
      buying cute cherished teddies? yeah that worked, partner was delighted and so it goes.
      being part of hospital radio? that is immensely satisfying and good fun and gives the patients, hopefully, a bit of enjoyment too. the next time i do a show i might even tell them about the time i bought a ‘marmite’ painting!!
      good luck to you guys, i hope you succeed in whatever it is youre trying to do, but please remember, dont crucify the little guys before you get all the facts!!!
      all the best

      • Cherry says:

        My husband and I went to Camelot Castle over Easter. We don’t have a lot of money and only went for three nights. We wanted a nice ‘getaway’ to completely relax. We thought the castle was ‘quaint’ and a bit ricketty as it was old. However, to us this added character.
        We found everyone polite and had quite a few chats with John, Ted, Irina and the staff. All friendly and unoffensive.
        We wanted to see ‘the light box’ which, quite honestly, could have been made by my young son. We were expecting something much more dramatic than literally a box with a light in it, made out to be an amazing spectacular by the staff (!). I thought that was strange. Not as strange as when we were serenaded with a Bob Dillon song. All part of the grooming process I suppose!
        THEN we were shown a few pieces of art with the light (from the box) shining through them. All very pretty if you have a ‘light box’ to hand.
        My husband and I were backed into a corner to spend money we quite literally didn’t have. We were then told quite rude & abruptly “Look, I am trying to do you a favour here”. I was quite shocked and agreed to pay £90 for a painting he originally wanted £600 for.
        Will we be going back? No.
        A 3 night stay ended up costing us £800. OUCH.

  3. Steph says:

    This is all very interesting..I think i may have been “had”?

    • gdavies says:

      We stayed at the hotel recently and could not beleve that they really thought the artwork was good! He seemed to be trying to hide aload of scralled brush strokes under aload of glitter and plastic butterflys and using huge cavas isn’t clever or different. What made it worse was the propaganda left around the place saying things like Ted was Monet re-incarnated, get real more like a 7 year old with learning difficulty’s. Also the whole wall of celebrity photos they have once sucked up to felt abit creepy and clingy, but it does make sense now you mention there into scientology. Good article Haydn btw and glad we are not the only ones who thought it was all very stange.

  4. Cindi says:

    I am afraid we also have been gullible. We went for a couple of nights that we couldnt really afford but as no hol this year, we saved up for a treat. Everyone was friendly although felt the whole place was understaffed. We too were serenaded had a little verse of poetic licence saw the lightbox and its effects and yes, we bought a picture we could not afford as we felt we should. Again we were on our own no other guests to help support saying no. I do like the colours of the picture but def not worth what we paid or still paying for mthly to be exact.

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