Camelot Castle, John Mappin responds to Trip Advisor

John Mappin responds to Trip Advisor comments after 7 years of silence.

After 7 years and over 500 comments some “Magical” and some not so magical John Mappin appears galloping into view riding his trusty steed of truth!

But…….. He chooses to only respond to 2 positive reviews using the opportunity to plug Camelot Castle Hotel.

Management response from John_m75, Guest Relations Manager
(Management representative)
18 Apr 2011
It was a pleasure to have you stay with us and we look forward to welcoming you and your friends on your return…..Where in England can one stay with these views for as little at 39 pounds per night. In the off season and november the deals we do are even better than that. Thanks so much for a great
Now we have never seen a management response quiet like that on Trip advisor, usually they address poor reviews offering an explanation for what went wrong and apologize, and some information about what steps the establishment are taking to prevent it happening again.
John, we await your responses to the 149 Terrible and 50 Poor reviews. remember we are watching!
2 Responses to “Camelot Castle, John Mappin responds to Trip Advisor”
  1. Googlemappin says:

    I too look forward to reading Mappin’s replies to those 149 1* ‘terrible’ reviews. And the 50 2* ‘poor’ ones… and the 46 ‘average’ ones too.

    What might he say to all those those pissed off, outraged or just underwhelmed customers whose money he’s taken over the years? Oh, I know “You’re hate mongers in the pay of the global pharmaceutical companies”.

  2. Tiny Tim says:

    Seems that that managment response has now been withdrawn after it was reported for being innapropriate and just a blatent advert. When is Trip Advisor going to act on this establishment!

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