Complain and get thrown out: hospitality the Scientology way

Camelot Castle Hotel gains another horror review on Tripadvisor

The latest 1* ‘terrible’ review on Tripadvisor is quite shocking.

“a glass my 3 year old nephew was drinking from broke in his mouth, the waiter took the glass away whilst I attend to his injuries despite my telling him to leave it there. An attempt to complain to the restaurant manager and refusal to pay the discretionary service charge resulted in the owner threatening to throw us out as he would not tolerate anyone saying something negative about his “home”. “

We can’t WAIT to see John’s ‘management response’ on Tripadvisor. Watch this space.

2 Responses to “Complain and get thrown out: hospitality the Scientology way”
  1. Chris Hans says:

    Do you have a link to the tripadvisor review? I can’t see it on the reviews webpage. (Was it pulled?)

    • Looks like it. TripAdvisor no doubt panic and pull anything that looks like it could drag them (TripAdvisor) into a court case.

      Anyway, it wasn’t really about someone cutting their mouth on a glass – that could happen anywhere. It was about the owner refusing to help.

      It doesn’t really do Mappin and crew any good. If you look on TripAdvisor, you’ll see two reviews side by side: one with 5* (no people voted it as helpful) and the next one with 1* (which 12 people have found useful). Those reviews are hurting Mappin hard – no matter how many 5* ones he (or his friends) write.

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