Camelot Castle Hotel: 12 times more people find the 1* reviews helpful…

…than the 5* reviews

It amuses us to think of the logic that Mappin and Stourton are following with their Tripadvisor ‘interventions’. They seem to think that if there are more 5* reviews in total than 1* ones everything will be ok and no one will notice 152 horror reviews of their scandalous dump.

On top of that, John Mappin thinks that writing a chirpy management response to the 5* reviews (yet not having the courage to respond to the critical ones) will convince readers to pick up the phone and book.

The proof that this isn’t the case is right there: 12 people finding the horror reviews ‘helpful’ to just 1 person finding this 4* review ‘helpful’ – and that in just 5 days after they were both published.

Things must be very, very hard up at the pebbledash Castle right now. 

6 Responses to “Camelot Castle Hotel: 12 times more people find the 1* reviews helpful…”
  1. Xenu says:

    Typical Scientologists: All they can think of is spin and damage control. It never occurs to them to actually change their ways,

  2. Let’s our power combine and we win with the Scions!

  3. Daffid says:

    Its scilons Bartek,keep up mate and try and get something right.

  4. Jo Poole says:

    September 2015, we were deceived by the website into thinking it was Downton Abbey style establishment, however despite superficial grandeur of the common ground floor areas we were bitterly disappointed by our room, which was by no means cheap. The room was shabby, the en suite was a cupboard, windows filthy and over all neglected and grubby. Service, what service, there isn’t any. No local information, no drinking water in the room or stationary, no TV guide, however there was Wi-Fi. They boast the best coffee and cream teas, not a chance. The artwork did nothing to enhance the ambience for this castle. The only thing we liked was the lift!! We feel sorry for the staff, they weren’t happy and it didn’t feel were able to interact with us so this made us feel invisible. Jo & Gaby, Sydney & London

  5. Mark says:

    Had 2 nights there – just escaped the ‘light box ‘ experience thank God ! Artist is a whacko selling hilariously awful pictures.
    Breakfast was like a little chef but evening food was better.
    Rooms are cosy but dated

  6. Lindsay Stockdale says:

    Went for a coffee here as it advertises it sells the best coffee in Cornwall- it was luke warm and managed to be both weak but bitter at the same time and served in the type of china you used to get in transport cafes not 5 star hotels also very overpriced. The cakes were left uncovered for flies to crawl over and looked very dry and unappealing. The staff had shabby uniforms the room was grubby and faded and the ladies toilet stank of urine with filthy windows and dying flowers in vases. As for the artwork it is so awful it will make your eyes bleed! The artist has left obviously self published books of his “work” around the place – the Venice one is laughable with pictures of him posing in a white suit and hat holding his palette and brushes posing in artistic ways against the backdrop of Venice. I have seen better artwork from a 6 year old. Many of the pictures are in the hotel and are embarrassing some are complete with glittery stick on butterflies that my young nieces buy and stick on their school books – he compares himself to Picasso and declares himself to be the most important artist this century. This place has a very creepy feel to it especially if you look at their “newspaper” with photos of celebs and themselves. If they spent as much effort making the place clean and comfortable and provide good food and drink as on self publicity it might be worth visiting. I spoke to several other people who felt the same and saw other people who clearly were disgusted with their coffee and cream teas and the weird artwork. Absolutely horrible!!!

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