Camelot Castle Hotel: 12 times more people find the 1* reviews helpful…

…than the 5* reviews It amuses us to think of the logic that Mappin and Stourton are following with their Tripadvisor ‘interventions’. They seem to think that if there are more 5* reviews in total than 1* ones everything will be ok and no one will notice 152 horror reviews of their scandalous dump. On … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel and misleading web advertising

If you think Camelot Castle Hotel’s website is misleading… …and you’ve been there and experienced the true HORROR then there’s now something you can do. Now you can complain to the Advertising Standards Authority with its new powers to tackle what it calls ‘Misleading Web Advertising’. Go to the ASA website and fill in the … Continue reading

Complain and get thrown out: hospitality the Scientology way

Camelot Castle Hotel gains another horror review on Tripadvisor The latest 1* ‘terrible’ review on Tripadvisor is quite shocking. “a glass my 3 year old nephew was drinking from broke in his mouth, the waiter took the glass away whilst I attend to his injuries despite my telling him to leave it there. An attempt … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel website “Most deceptive site I have ever seen”

Deceptive website helps Mappin and Stourton rip off another unsuspecting visitor Camelot Castle Hotel’s misleading website has ruined another couple’s weekend away. Let’s see what the Advertising Standards Authority makes of this: “The other 2 rooms were horrendous also, dingy and awful, so bad in fact that (embarrasingly) I burst into tears as these people … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel investigated for unauthorised works.

Camelot Castle Hotel fits UPVC windows to listed building. Cornwall Council are investigating reports that UPVC windows have been fitted to rooms in the former King Arthurs Arms Hotel. The windows on the third floor can be clearly seen both IRL and on the Hotels own promotional materials. They have replaced the original Victorian wooden … Continue reading

Camelot Castle, John Mappin responds to Trip Advisor

John Mappin responds to Trip Advisor comments after 7 years of silence. After 7 years and over 500 comments some “Magical” and some not so magical John Mappin appears galloping into view riding his trusty steed of truth! But…….. He chooses to only respond to 2 positive reviews using the opportunity to plug Camelot Castle … Continue reading

After the ‘busiest November ever’ – ZERO reviews

The busiest November ever at Camelot Castle Hotel generated NO Tripadvisor reviews? Yes. Odd that, isn’t it? No Tripadvisor reviews posted in December so far – after what the Mappins claim was the busiest November ever? Ouch. In reality, business must be worse than ever at the B&B now that the truth about the Mappins’ … Continue reading

Alex Polizzi – Camelot Castle Hotel needs you!

Would Camelot Castle be a hotel too far for hotel inspector Alex Polizzi? A great idea has surfaced in the WWP forums: why not get Alex Polizzi in to knock Camelot Castle Hotel and its quirky owners into shape? John, Ted, Irina, before you get annoyed, just think about it for a moment: all the … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: Scientology ‘Ponzi’ scheme?

Discussion on WWP forum starts to ask “Who’s funding Scientologists at Camelot Castle Hotel?” Following the BBC TV expose on Camelot Castle Hotel on 15th November, discussion in the WWP forums (home of Scientology arch-enemy ‘Anonymous’) has turned to who is funding Mappin and Stourton? All of us think that this hotel is just a … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: YouTube is NO LONGER your friend

BBC’s Inside Out trumps Camelot Castle Hotel’s own propaganda on YouTube Search YouTube for ‘Camelot Castle Hotel’ and this is what you get: Mystic Ed and Fluffy’s gay marriage honeymoon review, BBC Inside Out’s highly critical 10 minute documentary and a BBC radio Cornwall expose on the same subject. In fact, 5 of the first … Continue reading