Camelot Castle Hotel investigated for unauthorised works.

Camelot Castle Hotel fits UPVC windows to listed building. Cornwall Council are investigating reports that UPVC windows have been fitted to rooms in the former King Arthurs Arms Hotel. The windows on the third floor can be clearly seen both IRL and on the Hotels own promotional materials. They have replaced the original Victorian wooden … Continue reading

Panorama BBC1 Tuesday 28th 9pm

Expect Camelot Castle Hotel propaganda machine to hit overdrive. It is important to understand what having people actively recruiting for Scientology in Tintagel means, this new Panorama investigation from the BBC should be a must see for any Tintagel resident. “Reporter John Sweeney’s last investigation into the Church of Scientology resulted in an explosive confrontation … Continue reading

Did you know about: the ‘Sec check’, Scientology’s blackmail tool?

‘Sec Check’ is an application of Scientology’s concept of ‘Ethics’. These are the questions you’ll be asked… …as you work your way into Scientology – and whose answers will be used to control you when you want to leave the cult. For more information on the Scientology concept of ethics see this Carnegie Mellon University … Continue reading

Venables meets Scientology: with PR like this, who needs enemies?

Jon Venables – the perfect recruit for Scientology. PR fail! Ah, thank you Jon Venables. If there’s one thing you did good in your miserable, child-killing, child-porn-watching life it’s declare your interest in joining the ‘Church’ of Scientology. Judging by this piece of newspaper bad news (just the kind of thing that ‘printing buddies’ John … Continue reading

Did you know? Scientology was banned by Wikipedia!

Unprecedented 2009 ban necessary to stop Scientology distorting Wikipedia’s objectivity The ban, reported in The Register May 29th 2009, was in response to continual editing of material that was critical of Scientology from recognised Scientology IP addresses. While there was no evidence to show this particular activity was ordered by church hierarchy, The Register cites … Continue reading