Duncan Williams: ‘has never been a Scientologist’ says friend

However, the evidence seems to say otherwise. Duncan Williams came to our attention recently when he issued a press release in support of John Mappin in which he complained about the unfair negative press directed at the ‘good work’ of John and Irina Mappin at Camelot Castle Hotel. We blogged about it, after which a … Continue reading

“You are a dump, dump fuck” says Scientologist defending John Mappin

The caring side of Scientology reveals itself with insults and threats If you’re new to Scientology and want to know Why We Protest, then look no further than this comment received today: “You are a dump,dump fuck, mister. most of your postings and website content are false. you slate people who achieve in life, john … Continue reading

Duncan Williams and John Mappin: someone’s interested :-)

Someone’s definitely interested in the connection between John Mappin and Duncan Williams We, of course, know who – John Mappin and Duncan Williams themselves.  We of course also know why – but we’re keeping it to ourselves for now. The public doesn’t need to know just yet. There’s enough shit for them to wade through … Continue reading

Duncan Williams pops up to defend John Mappin against ‘negativity’

Introducing Duncan Williams, defender of John Mappin, ‘friend of Narconon’ Director of Publishing at Independent News Ltd (see Facebook page) since 2008, says his LinkedIn profile. Featured on Christian MediaNet.org. Speaker at the Church and Media Network conference. Owner of the Bradwell Bugle. Apparently, he’s one of the ‘people of God making a difference’ according … Continue reading