Complain and get thrown out: hospitality the Scientology way

Camelot Castle Hotel gains another horror review on Tripadvisor The latest 1* ‘terrible’ review on Tripadvisor is quite shocking. “a glass my 3 year old nephew was drinking from broke in his mouth, the waiter took the glass away whilst I attend to his injuries despite my telling him to leave it there. An attempt … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel website “Most deceptive site I have ever seen”

Deceptive website helps Mappin and Stourton rip off another unsuspecting visitor Camelot Castle Hotel’s misleading website has ruined another couple’s weekend away. Let’s see what the Advertising Standards Authority makes of this: “The other 2 rooms were horrendous also, dingy and awful, so bad in fact that (embarrasingly) I burst into tears as these people … Continue reading

‘Ted Stourton ‘art’ gave me headaches’ says unlucky visitor

Headache-inducing art too much for this TripAdvisor reviewer 151 ‘terrible’ reviews and somehow ol’ Camelot Castle Hotel is still going – but Ted’s meteoric rise to art fame…isn’t. “…there were these ghastly paintings hanging on every available wall space. I am an artist also and can happily critique my own work and be humbled by … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: “Just Awful”

Camelot Castle Hotel review shows nothing has changed. It’s still “awful”

Camelot Castle Hotel pulled horror review: “Oh my God..”

Tripadvisor pulled this Camelot Castle Hotel ‘horror’ review a day after it was posted. Despite the contents of this review being absolutely in keeping with all the other ‘horror’ reviews of Camelot Castle Hotel, Tripadvisor has pulled it. It doesn’t mention Scientology nor is it abusive or defamatory, so why did they take it down? … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel latest real review: “Pretty awful….”

“…but not as bad as some others make out” How much worse than “awful” and 2* do you want it to be?? I love this review. It’s like the person is trying to be fair to Camelot Castle Hotel while telling the truth about John Mappin’s awful dump on the cliffs at Tintagel.

Camelot Castle Hotel real reviews: “blankets that looked like they used to belong to the NHS”

A real Camelot Castle Hotel review on HolidayWatchdog “Gutted For our 10 year wedding anniversary i decided to book a night at Camelot Castle, we had visited Tintagel before and had seen how impressive it looked from the outside. When we arrived we were shown around the downstairs by the receptionist who was forgeign and … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel 1* review: “Terrible”

Bird shit mountains and dead flies, 5 rooms later… This is the truth of Camelot Castle Hotel – and the pictures are proof that no matter how many fake 5* reviews these conmen continue to write, this hotel is an appalling scandal that deserves to be kicked off Tripadvisor as a minimum. What we need … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel, a sinking ship?

The last 5 reviews on Trip advisor = 4 x 1 star and 1 x 2 stars. Another blinding verdict from a genuine guest of standards at the Camelot Castle Hotel! “Do not stay in this hotel!!” We stayed at the Camelot Hotel for two nights. The staff informed us that a “world famous artist” … Continue reading

“You’d be better off burning your money and staying in a tent”

Classic Camelot Castle Hotel reviews #1 – “The horror, the horror” The first in a series of Tripadvisor reviews from the past so bad that we just couldn’t resist resurrecting them from the grave for you to enjoy all over again. This one’s from July 2005 and borrows from Apocalypse Now to describe Camelot Castle … Continue reading